Tiger To Bay Hill: From Questionable To Probable

Major development today in the Tiger Woods golf comeback drama: PGA Tour player Steve Stricker committed today to the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill.

Steve Stricker and Tiger Woods

Stricker, who hasn’t played the tournament since 2005, is a longtime friend and teammate of Woods. One month before Woods’ Thanksgiving car accident, Stricker partnered with him at the President’s Cup - going 4-0 in the process.

But more important is Stricker’s connection to another member of Team Tiger.  Read more…

Late Masters Entry Rule to Provide Tiger Surprise?

The ASSOCIATED PRESS slips in an interesting note about The Masters today that could aid in the return of Tiger Woods.

Snow at Augusta National less than two months before The Masters

Players typically have until 5 p.m. Friday the week before a tournament to commit to playing. In the U.S. Open and British Open, they must submit an entry form.

The Masters is by invitation and has no such rules. So if Tiger Woods decides to play the first major of the year, he only needs to show up before his tee time on Thursday.

Masters spokesman Steve Ethun said when Woods announced his indefinite break from golf on Dec. 11, Woods’ spokesman Glenn Greenspan (who previously had Ethun’s job) said he would keep Augusta National apprised.

The Masters sent Woods an invite in December and Masters spokesman Ethun was asked recently what Woods’ status for the tournament was. Read more…

Finger-Wagging Watson Has His Own Skeletons

I grew up in Kansas City idolizing Tom Watson who, along with George Brett, is the biggest name in K.C. sports history. But even I couldn’t force down Watson recently letting the “cat out of the bag” about Tiger Woods.

Hilary Watson Photo Wife Of Tom Watson

(Watson: Divorce then marriage 20 mos. later to ex-wife of PGA player)

Watson twice now has urged Woods to go public about his marital indiscretions while also slamming Woods for his on-course behavior.

Apparently Watson has a very, very short memory about his own personal life.

In December, 1997, Linda Watson, Tom’s wife of 25 years, left him.

In August, 1999, Golf Digest reported:

(Longtime Watson friend since childhood) David Wysong saw the Watsons’ marriage in trouble. “Linda gave Tom all her support, because she’s a generous, giving person. But you have to grow together or you grow apart. I guess they grew apart, and I blame the profession.” (Linda Watson said she had no comment for this story.)

20 months after Tom Watson’s divorce he married a woman named Hilary Watson. Conveniently, Hilary didn’t need to change her name as she’d just left her husband, noted PGA Tour player Denis Watson.

Hilary Watson Photo Wife Of Tom Watson

Golf Digest reported that in the aftermath of Watson’s divorce, his teenage children had cut him off, “the divorce has put the children all but out of his reach.

So Watson’s wife of 25 years, who had been with him since high school, files for divorce. His kids cut him off. Less than two years later, Watson is married to a woman who had just left another PGA Tour player.

So how did Watson handle that suspicious series of events in public? Exactly like Woods. He didn’t handle it at all.

In a 1998 profile of Watson, Michael Bamberger of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED noted that Watson refused to talk about his divorce. Read more…

Watson: Tiger Lacks ‘Stature’ Of Palmer, Nicklaus

Ah, here it comes. The lingering resentment and jealously harbored by a former golf great about Tiger Woods. Finally.

Tom Watson talks about Tiger Woods

Last week I brought you Tom Watson criticizing Woods for his alt-lifestyle and course behavior. Today in Dubai, Watson really opened up on Woods with this low-blow:

“I feel that he has not carried the same stature that other great players that have come along like Jack (Nicklaus), Arnold (Palmer), Byron Nelson, the Hogans, in the sense that there was language and club throwing on the golf course.”

Where was that before Woods went into hiding? And someone might consider apprising Watson of Palmer’s personal life before he drags Arnie into any comparison with Woods. (As if Watson doesn’t know.)

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PGA Champion Suggested Arnold Palmer Infidelity

If you believe former PGA Champion Bob Rosburg, it was rather ironic that Tiger Woods‘ image was recently scrubbed from a banner on a website for a tournament named after Arnold Palmer.

Bob Rosburg Story Exposed Alleged Arnold Palmer Infidelity

Rosburg, who died earlier this year, went on the record in 1988 about an alleged Palmer extramarital rendezvous that was recounted on Page 96 of the book Wicked Game: Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and the Story of Modern Golf.

Bob Rosburg Story Exposed Alleged Arnold Palmer Infidelity

(Page 96-97)

If you’ve followed golf closely the past 30 years, that story probably won’t exactly be a stunning revelation. Palmer’s alleged extramarital dalliances have long been rumored, something he addressed in Ian O’Connor’s recent book Arnie & Jack, which examined Palmer’s rivalry with Jack Nicklaus. Read more…

Tiger Photoshopped Out Of Arnold Palmer Website

The reaction throughout the golf world over Tiger Woods‘ alleged alternative lifestyle has been mostly muted, until now.

Arnold Palmer Website Rips Tiger Woods Off Its Site

The ORLANDO SENTINEL reports that Arnold Palmer’s signature PGA Tournament has scrubbed the image of Woods and Palmer together atop the official website for tourney.

But when outed by the Sentinel over the changes, we got yet another opposite day quote for the obvious disassociation with Woods. Read more…

Now You Can Buy Athletes’ Awful, Awful Artwork

Some charity auctions offer you the chance to hang out with an athlete, and learn from the greatest. Others allow you to own a piece of sports history. Then there are auctions where you bid on drawings that look like they could have been done by the athlete’s 6-year-old grandchild. Whoever’s selling this crap better be glad it’s for charity.

Yogi Berra Art

That’s Yogi Berra’s masterpiece. I’m sorry, but does it say “Stay Away, yo” down there at the bottom? Gangster.

Doodle For Hunger is a worthy cause, though the name seems to imply they’re supporting hunger. And it’s a nice gesture for the athletes and celebrities who contributed their, uh, “art.” Because, as WITH LEATHER says, “there’s something really enjoyable about seeing pro athletes being absolutely terrible at something.” Still, you’d have to put it on the fridge just so Yogi doesn’t feel dejected. (More athlete artistic abortions, after the jump.)

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