PGA Champion Suggested Arnold Palmer Infidelity

If you believe former PGA Champion Bob Rosburg, it was rather ironic that Tiger Woods‘ image was recently scrubbed from a banner on a website for a tournament named after Arnold Palmer.

Bob Rosburg Story Exposed Alleged Arnold Palmer Infidelity

Rosburg, who died earlier this year, went on the record in 1988 about an alleged Palmer extramarital rendezvous that was recounted on Page 96 of the book Wicked Game: Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and the Story of Modern Golf.

Bob Rosburg Story Exposed Alleged Arnold Palmer Infidelity

(Page 96-97)

If you’ve followed golf closely the past 30 years, that story probably won’t exactly be a stunning revelation. Palmer’s alleged extramarital dalliances have long been rumored, something he addressed in Ian O’Connor’s recent book Arnie & Jack, which examined Palmer’s rivalry with Jack Nicklaus. Read more…

Tiger Photoshopped Out Of Arnold Palmer Website

The reaction throughout the golf world over Tiger Woods‘ alleged alternative lifestyle has been mostly muted, until now.

Arnold Palmer Website Rips Tiger Woods Off Its Site

The ORLANDO SENTINEL reports that Arnold Palmer’s signature PGA Tournament has scrubbed the image of Woods and Palmer together atop the official website for tourney.

But when outed by the Sentinel over the changes, we got yet another opposite day quote for the obvious disassociation with Woods. Read more…