Linebacker Admits ‘Groping Breasts And Vaginas’

We’ve seen our share of sordid behavior by high profile college athletes over the years. God have we. But that behavior had yet to be observed, at least in public, at the service academies. Until now.

Army football mascots

(Did Army football make horses a$$ out of military justice system?)

The RECORD ONLINE reports today on the sad tale of Army sophomore linebacker Adam McMurray. The 19-year-old Michigan native, who lettered as a freshman but did not play last season, pleaded guilty this week to a drunken rampage through the West Point barracks last fall.

A rampage that included, “three counts of assault, three counts of wrongful sexual conduct, one count of burglary and one count of drunk and disorderly conduct. The charges carry a maximum punishment of dismissal from the Army, 15 years in prison and total forfeiture of pay and allowances.

McMurray pleaded guilty to it all on Monday in front of a military judge. With the admitted acts in mind, and the penalties that could go along with it, you would think McMurray would be facing a pretty significant punishment.

Did the punishment (fine, reprimand) fit Army football player’s crimes?

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Iraq Soldiers Now Allowed Beer During Super Bowl

Iraq may be experiencing its first taste with democracy, but the real American exports are just a couple of weeks away. On Super Bowl Sunday (or ass-early Monday morning for them), soldiers across the country will kick back with a couple of beers and watch the big game on large-screen TVs. I think this is the surest sign yet that we won.

Drinking Soldiers

Gen. Ray Odierno, the top commander in Iraq (and former tight end at West Point), signed a waiver to allow troops, for the first time, to crack open some cold ones while the Giants win their second straight Super Bowl. The army missive doesn’t mention the Giants, but I’m just going to assume. They’ll be limited to two 12-oz beers, which means no tall boys, no 40s, and no blindingly drunk soldiers accidentally causing major international incidents.

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Blog Jam: Army Re-Drafts Lions Pick Into Service

• DEADSPIN discovers the Army doing an about face, as Detroit Lions pick & West Point grad Caleb Campbell won’t get to play pro football, after all.

Caleb Campbell Army poster

• A former Miami Hurricane in trouble with the law? No way! But the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES says such is the case of ex-QB Kenny Kelly.

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY doesn’t feel so fresh, as an Eastern Kentucky football player was caught stealing feminine hygiene products from a Wal-Mart.

• YOU BEEN BLINDED tunes in to learn that women’s Olympic sports are too hot for Iranian television.

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Redford Reels in Rickey Role For Robinson Biopic

Robert Redford has signed on to portray Dodgers GM Branch Rickey in ESPN’s upcoming Jackie Robinson flick.

Robert Redford Branch Rickey

• Annoying analyst Billy Packer is finally sent packing by CBS.

LeBron James’ little “Vogue” cover controversy with Giselle Bundchen didn’t translate into many newsstand sales.

• Nude climbers really know how to get their rocks off.

A-Rod’s marriage quickly crumbling? Scott Boras to the rescue!

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Army-Navy Game Looking For New Home, Sponsor

Even though it hasn’t meant much lately in the Top 25 scheme of things, the annual Army-Navy game is still a special & respected tradition in college football. And it may be coming to a city near you, thanks to the good people of [insert corporate entity here].

Army Navy Game program cover

The NAVY TIMES reports that the service academy showdown is looking to take its game cross-country, somewhere different than Philadelphia, Baltimore, or the same old places between West Point and Annapolis:

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