Fake Robbery Leads To Real Arrest For Ex-FSU LB

Drawing crude penises on someone’s face when they’re passed out? Funny prank. Wrapping someone’s dorm room in aluminum foil while they’re at class? Funny prank. Pulling a gun on a cashier at a Check N Go? Well, that’s less of a funny prank, according to the Jacksonville Police Department, and more “felony.”

Bradley Jennings Mugshot

Former FSU linebacker Bradley Jennings must not have gotten that memo in time, unfortunately; as you can tell by the morose mugshot above, Mr. Jennings was trying to pull a prank, and he chose… poorly. So even as he told the cashier it was all a joke and apologized before the cops showed up, he was still arrested yesterday for aggravated assault.

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Armed Robbery On Back Nine of WI Golf Course

Usually when getting jacked for money for a round of golf, it’s about getting robbed by the club and caddy fees — not literally. A foursome playing at Brynwood Country Club in Milwaukee on Sunday got a shock on the 16th hole when they were approached by a gunman and forced to hand over money, according to the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL.

Brynwood Country Club

The gunman stole from two of the golfers and a caddy before running back in the woods, but the incident didn’t completely derail the golfers.

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