Novak Knows New York Fans Aren’t Being So Nice

Novak Djokovic jostles with the Big Apple crowd, “Who’s faking it now?”

Novak Djokovic Leryn Franco

But at least he still has Leryn Franco on his side.

• Vanderbilt vanquishes Steve Spurrier & South Carolina yet again, and even pours a little salt into the Gamecocks’ wounds.

• New coach, new players, new attitude - it all adds up to the same ol’ result for the Washington Redskins.

Stephon Marbury apparently isn’t very helpful to his relatives.

• Something’s cookin’ with Vince Young, as the Titans QB hopes you can’t beat his meat.

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Arlen Spector Really Has Nothing Better To Do

We’re coming up on a pretty important time in our country. In less than two months we’re going to be deciding who the next person to run this land from sea to shining sea is going to be. It’s going to be an incredibly historic election as well, because no matter what happens, we’re either going to have our first black President, or our first female Vice President.

Over the last few weeks, millions of Americans have been tuning into both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions to find out each candidates plans on fixing things. Trivial things like national security, the failing economy, and of course the environment. You know who probably wasn’t listening, though? Pennsylvania senator Arlen Spector. He could care less about all those so called “issues.” What he wants to know is how we’re going to save the NFL from those no good cheating New England Patriots.

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