Goalie Sacked Over Anti-Gay Comments In Book

Meet Arek Onyszko, everybody. He’s the goalkeeper for Danish soccer club FC Midtjylland. Or at least he was, anyway; he was recently kicked off the team after he released a book the team told him to quit working on. Also, he hates gay people like you would not believe. No, really; he’d like to tell you all about how vile he finds them.

Arek Onyszko Took His Shirt Off For You Because He's Straight

Onyszko’s only with FC Midtjylland because he was fired from his earlier team, Odense OB, though that’s a rather normal reaction for a team when you’re put in jail for three months for beating your wife. So if you’re wondering what it would take to get kicked off another team if they’re willing to look past spousal abuse, well, we can start here.

Onyszko’s book, which is called “F–king Polack” and no we are not kidding about that, actually goes into uncomfortable detail about how and why he hates the gays; if you’re a virulent homophobe, this would be the right kind of book to curl up with in front of the fireplace this winter.

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