Kansas Player Reps Issue Statement, Are Now BFF

Thousands or perhaps hundreds of years from now, when aliens sift through the wreckage of the long-extinct human civilization, they will probably find a lot of university press releases. Like Styrofoam cups, these documents will never decompose, and, sadly, will bear little resemblance to the events that actually occurred here.

Sherron Collins, Darrell Stuckey

(Sherron Collins and Darrell Stuckey … it’s all cool!)

Take today’s press release from the University of Kansas, which purportedly announces a truce between warring factions of the Jayhawks football and basketball teams. It was authored, supposedly, by player representatives from both teams; Sherron Collins and Cole Aldrich of the basketball team, and Kerry Meier, Todd Reesing, Jake Sharp and Darrell Stuckey of the football team. Coaches met with players this morning and supposedly everyone hugged it out (sound of knives and other weapons clattering to the floor as they hugged). Read more…

Cuban Apologizes To Kenyon’s Mom On His Blog

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is used to having his mouth get him in trouble since he entered the NBA. He’s repeatedly been fined by David Stern for complaints about the officials, other teams, and life in the NBA in general. On Saturday night he may have taken things just a bit too far when he apparently told Lydia Moore, the mother of Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin, that her son was a thug and a punk.

(”They’ll never recognize me in this brilliant disguise!”)

Not surprisingly, Martin was a bit upset about this. You don’t treat somebody’s mother that way, let alone the night before Mother’s Day. Mark responded by telling the media he was going to take care of it, and that he was more of a “face-to-face dude.” Well it seems that Cuban wasn’t really all that excited about a face-to-face conversation with Kenyon because he posted an apology on his blog yesterday.

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