Audio: Los Angeles Mayor Cheering For SF Giants

While he was out campaigning for California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown and Senatorial candidate Barbara Boxer in Los Angeles on Monday, second term L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa somehow thought it a good idea to encourage locals to support the San Francisco Giants in the World Series against the Texas Rangers.

Antonio Villaraigosa with McCourts

(Mayor rooting for Giants also noted by the L.A. Times today)

I just wrote that.

While at the Democrat’s rally in downtown L.A., Villaraigosa noted to a crowd of around 100 supporters that the Giants were in the World Series. The mayor of Los Angeles then said, “We’re all for San Francisco and California, right?Read more…

Laker Charade: LA Mayor Gets Twitter Tweetdown

Last year I reported that when Los Angeles Mayor and consumate opportunist Antonio Villaraigosa tried to board the same Lakers championship parade bus as Kobe Bryant, Bryant said at the time, “I don’t like the —hole, I’m not going to let him pimp my popularity!

During the abbreviated Lakers parade yesterday, a single bus was charged with carrying all the players. Thanks to Villaraigosa somehow also being allowed on the same bus, all hell broke loose on Twitter in reaction to L.A.’s stowamayor.

Below are a series of consecutive Tweets posted at the moment the mayor was first seen via local TV coverage on the Lakers bus:

Antonio Villaraigosa gets Twitter beatdown for sneaking on Lakers parade bus

Of all the Tweets about the mayor’s appearance in the parade, there wasn’t a single positive - or neutral - entry. In other words, Kobe has plenty of company.

Though I’m pleased to report that we did get some good news in L.A. today about our stowamayor.

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Lakers Tickets Helping Broker NFL Stadium Deal?

Last month, along with Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk and Sam Farmer of the LOS ANGELES TIMES, I reported on an intriguing new downtown Los Angeles NFL stadium plan in the works. The proposed $1 billion retractable roofed facility would be financed and built by Tim Leiweke-fronted AEG and Casey Wasserman - both serious Los Angeles sports power brokers.

Lakers Tickets Given To L.A. Mayor In Exchange For Help On NFL Stadium Deal?

My instincts at the time told me the downtown plan had a very serious chance of succeeding. Now thanks to a FOX 11 newscast this week and a recent L.A. BUSINESS JOURNAL poll, it appears my initial reax was on track.

Early this month the L.A. Business Journal ran a poll asking readers which potential L.A. NFL stadium site they preferred: The proposed new downtown site or Ed Roski’s longtime City of Industry location 25 miles east of the city center. While the Biz Journal normally gets around 100 votes for its online polls, the stadium debate elicited nearly 30,000 responses.

Alfred Lee of the LABJ noted the poll results last week:

Downtown received about 45 percent of the vote; City of Industry, 40 percent. However, 15 percent said they didn’t want a football team at all. The votes appeared to be individually cast, although multiple votes were allowed early in the process, according to the Business Journal’s tech team.

Why so many votes? Lee reports that Roski and the Leiweke-Wasserman camp each initiated email campaigns to try to pump up polling support for their sides. Though from my perspective, had Roski not pushed his people to vote in the poll, the downtown location would’ve likely won in a landslide. (15 percent who voted for no NFL team? So that explains the recent carpal tunnel outbreak in the USC football office.)

While the LABJ poll is a sign of the seriousness and popularity of the downtown Los Angeles NFL Stadium bid, a local L.A. news report Wednesday perhaps gives an even clearer indication that AEG is now actively greasing the local political machinery to facilitate the project.

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LA Mayor Lobbied Dementia-Impaired NFL Owner?

Much to my delight, I discovered that the former Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, apparently has a column for the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE. His latest piece reminds me of the golden age of journalism, when Larry King’s “King’s Things” made USA Today the must-read powerhouse of the printed word that it is today.

Alex Spanos Willie Brown Antonio Villaraigosa

(Villaraigosa lobbied dementia-suffering Spanos about Bolts-to-L.A.?)

The crazy thing is, Brown doesn’t just cover Frisco. He covers all! Excerpt:

Here’s a scoop. The San Diego Chargers are looking to move to Los Angeles.

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and his people were at the Chargers playoff game last week, and they were being extremely solicitous of team owner Alex Spanos.

Yeah, you read that right. Alex Spanos. One problem though, Alex Spanos, sadly, recently revealed he has dementia, and has essentially removed himself from public life.

So was Brown wrong in his reportage? If you know Villaraigosa like we know Villaraigoisa in this town, not necessarily. Read more…

Dumbass: LA Mayor at Dodgers While City Burns

OK, you probably don’t know who the mayor of Los Angeles is. Not many do. But his name is Antonio Villaraigosa. Thanks to an embarrassing divorce (he cheated with local TV anchor) and non-stop political scandal during his brief tenure here, he’s become a laughingstock. (Think Kwame Kilpatrick.)

Antonio Villaraigosa's Burning Dillema: Dodgers game or LA wildfires

(Disgraced L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s burning dilemma)

Once a rising star in the Democratic party and a possible frontrunner for governor of California, he’s since become someone the party is trying to shoo out of sight. But despite Villaraigosa’s debacle of an administration, he continues to be a shameless media whore.

Take for instance last Monday night, which saw harrowing wildfires raging throughout northern Los Angeles, threatening property (19 homes were lost) and lives of local residents (two dead).

Meanwhile, the Dodgers played the Phillies 30 minutes away.

One guess where Villaraigosa ended up. Read more…

LA Mayor Proposes Big Bet on Lakers-Celts Series

A fine tradition of any sports championship series is the friendly wagers between the mayors of the competing cities. And the NBA Finals match-up between the Lakers and Celtics is no different.

Except this time, there will be no friendly swap of regional foodstuffs. No clam chowder vs. Fatburger bets here.

Clam chowder Fatburger

(Sorry - no dice)

Adam Rose of the L.A. TIMES was rummaging through the garbage outside City Hall looking for an evening meal (recent paycuts have been pretty brutal at the Times - damn you, sports blogs!), when he came across a copy of a letter not-so-fresh off the desk of mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

The letter was addressed to Boston mayor Thomas Menino, and it outlined Antonio’s proposal for a high-rolling wager between the two civic servants:

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