Antonio Pierce Hasn’t Earned The Rites of Patches

Antonio Pierce dutifully informed us last night that Mike Shanahan has made Donovan McNabb an “escape goat“:

Antonio Pierce calls Donovan McNabb an escape goat. Emmitt Smith approves

(E.J.: Dap Tip)

This kid shows promise, but as Emmitt Smith will tell you, Pierce still hasn’t been given the rice of passage. Or earned the rites of patches. Or … oh screw it.
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Plaxico “Most Unpopular Celebrity” At Strip Joint

For those in the, ahem, “service” industry (and by that I mean strippers), there’s no greater frenemy than a cheap celebrity. Sure, they’re famous, and everyone likes fame and the recognition that comes with it, but it would be nice if Mr. Hi-I-Make-Millions-Of-Dollars-A-Year actually, you know, spent like a celebrity instead of having a tight wallet.

Plaxico Burress strip club dancer

And today’s tightwad is Plaxico Burress, who, according to the NEW YORK POST, spent a few hours getting drunk at a nude bar (Head Quarters, if you must know) before capping himself in the leg last week. Oh, and he didn’t pay a cent there that night. Nor does he ever pay well, apparently:

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Plaxico Update: Charges Coming, Pierce Involved

It might not be quite as bad as the people who thought it would be a good idea to carry loaded weapons to Toys “R” Us on Friday, but Plaxico Burress‘ decision to tote a loaded weapon to a Manhattan club that night is not high on the list of smart moves.

Plaxico Burress

So, even though he’s already pulled a Cheddar Bob and shot himself, the physical wounds might not be what keep Plax out of the lineup for the rest of this season…and beyond. And Burress isn’t the only Giant who might find himself in legal trouble over the incident.

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Blog-O-Rama: Steve Nash Can Still Take A Licking

• BASKETBAWFUL knows Steve Nash can take a licking - especially now that he’s in creepy bobblepop form:

Steve Nash bobblepop

How would Mr. Owl handle this one?

• ESTSN barks up news that an NFL player has some sick pit bulls to give away, and it’s not who you think.

• DC SPORTS BOG catches word that Redskins TE Chris Cooley is starting his own blog.

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Blog-O-Rama: Pierce Put Upon For Pitbull Neglect

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK puts a leash on Antonio Pierce, as the New York Giant & Michael Vick critic faces his own accusations of animal neglect.

Antonio Pierce New York Giants

• BRUINS NATION checks the laundry, as USC will be wearing home uniforms at the Rose Bowl after all.

• Speaking of controversial clothing, the INDIANAPOLIS STAR dresses down Indiana U. officials for forcing a fan to take off his “Bring Back Bobby” shirt.

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