Big Baby To NFL? He’d Certainly Have Company

So with Glen Davis (or, as the kids call him, Big Baby) sidelined for a few weeks to rehab the thumb he broke by getting punchy, Davis has a lot of time on his hands. He can think about things. Maybe do some whittling. Give up on that on account of the broken thumb. Get back to thinking. Think about the future. Think about… the NFL.

Glen Big Baby Davis Playing Football

(It’s not like he doesn’t have the experience.)

For some reason, Big Baby told ESPN THE MAGAZINE’s Chris Broussard that he’s considering giving up the game of basketball at his peak in order to try his hand again at football. Yes, again; he was a defensive end and halfback as a youngin’. Of course, there’s video after the break.

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Spike Was Right All Along: It’s Gotta Be The Shoes

LaDainian Tomlinson’s case of turf toe may be the most famous foot in football at the moment, but the NFL is so puzzled by a recent spate of foot and ankle injuries that they’ve formed a committee to look into the causes, à la the concussion studies. But a growing number of doctors, players and trainers are pointing the blame squarely downward: toward the shoes.

LaDainian Tomlinson

Marcia C. Smith
looked into the issue in yesterday’s ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER and found that it’s becoming an issue across the board - players at all levels, wearing all brands of shoes are going down with sometimes inexplicable injuries. The Chargers have been hit especially hard, with Tomlinson and Antonio Gates missing time. In Gates’ case, Nike even admits the shoes were at fault.

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Are You All Ready For The San Antonio Chargers?

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS reports that Texas Gov. Rick Perry was at San Diego Chargers practice on Wednesday as a guest of team president Dean Spanos. A story on CHARGERS.COM says that the two are “good friends” and that Spanos gave Gov. Perry a tour of the practice facility and hung out together for most of the two-hour practice. I’m sure that as a decent politician of strong moral fiber, Gov. Perry spent his time focusing on the Chargers’ nickel formation instead of this:

San Diego Chargers cheerleader

Maybe Dean Spanos and Gov. Perry really are just BFFs. Or, as PRO FOOTBALL TALK theorizes, perhaps this is part of the courtship process in trying to lure the Chargers to a Texas city - specifically, San Antonio.

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