Mark Cuban’s New Fine Machine: Twitter Attacks

Mark Cuban loves to speak his mind. He does it on TV, he does it on radio, he does it on his personal blog. Well, now that Twitter has officially taken off, Cuban is jumping on board, at least long enough to use the platform to destroy referees from an altercation with J.R. Smith earlier this season.

Mark Cuban Complaining

(I am this close to Twittering about you Chauncey.)

According to FANHOUSE, the trend started Friday, when the Mavericks faced off with the Nuggets for the first time since Cuban went after Smith before halftime of a game in January where Smith elbowed Dallas’s Antoine Wright in the head. The rematch was a bit too much for Cuban to take quietly, so he took to Twitter to vent his frustration, especially after he thought Smith jumped off the bench to taunt Wright¬† in Friday’s game.

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Crips, Bloods Showing Up In NBA Locker Rooms?

In the locker room of the Dallas Mavericks, two bandanas hang from two different players’ lockers. Antoine Wright hangs up a blue bandana, while teammate Jason Terry has a red one. And anyone who has followed gang culture knows that these are the calling cards of two of L.A.’s most violent gangs - the Crips & the Bloods.

Jason Terry Mavericks Crips Bloods

Critics of the NBA have complained about the “thug life” motif & apparent gang-influenced mentality of some players in the league. So have these two locker-room fashion statements proved these critics right? Are gangs infiltrating NBA rosters?

Not quite.

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