Who Would Expect Jewish Slurs In Bakersfield?

Bakersfield: hot, dusty, reeking of oil and also home to your Bakersfield Condors. But while the minor-league hockey team might be always in search of fans, it might be tough for the Bakersfield Condors minor-league hockey team to sell group tickets to the Temple Beth El next season after this news: BAKERSFIELDNOW.COM reports that the reason for the mysterious suspensions of head coach Marty Raymond and assistant Mark Pederson was that they made anti-Semitic comments to Condors player Jason Bailey, who is Jewish.

Bakersfield town sign

(Bakersfield: A Wonderful City - Unless You’re a Jewish Hockey Player)

This raises a lot of questions, but none more prominently than this: they have Jewish hockey players? Also, they have Jews in Bakersfield? I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Bakersfield, and the closest I’ve ever come to seeing a Jewish person there was when I drove past a Noah’s Bagels once.

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Reggie Jackson: Was Billy Martin An Anti-Semite?

Do you remember that ESPN mini-series “The Bronx Is Burning”? It was about the 1977 New York Yankees and had the one guy from “Rescue Me” as Reggie Jackson, and John Turturro as Billy Martin. It was also pretty horrible, though that’s doing nothing to keep MSG from deciding to show the series this Sunday night.

As part of the series, MSG recorded a bunch of interviews with players from that Yankees team to supplement the show, and as you’d expect, some of the best material came from Mr. October himself. In one choice outtake from a part of Jackson’s interview with teammate Fran Healy, Reggie tells us all that Billy Martin may have been an anti-Semite.

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