Judge Says SMU Can’t Arbitrarily Kick Out Players

After June Jones bolted a comically underfunded Hawaii football program a year ago, he took the reins of an SMU Mustangs program still struggling to re-establish their pre-death sentence identity from 20 years ago. Jones apparently thought that over 10% of the team didn’t fit that identity and purged nine players from the roster in February, citing the ubiquitous “violations of team rules.”

Eric Dickerson SMU
(The judge also ruled that trying to sacrifice players in order to bring back Eric Dickerson is illegal.)

There was one teensy problem, though; some of the players argued that they hadn’t, in fact, broken any rules. Eventually, five off the nine dismissed players appealed SMU’s decision to release them from their scholarship. A judge finally ruled on the case Friday, and according to the DALLAS MORNING NEWS, three of the five athletes have been placed back on athletic scholarship for 2009-2010. Awkwaaard.

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