Steelers Safety Smith Not Done Talking About Patriots

STEELERS’ SMITH NOT SILENT ABOUT MEETING PATS AGAIN: A big loss to the NFL’s top team isn’t keeping Steelers safety Anthony Smith quiet:

Anthony Smith Steelers Patriots

YAHOO! shares word that Smith still had some things to say, even after Pittsburgh got whalloped by New England 34-13 on Sunday.Days after guaranteeing a win against the Patriots, Smith summed up his post-game feelings with a possible rematch in the playoffs, saying, “We will see them again.”

Anthony was chatting it up with many Pats throughout the game. And when they weren’t sharing pleasantries, Brady & the boys were shredding Smith & the Steelers’ D with TD after TD - including a flea-flicker used by Pittsburgh in a playoff game two years ago.

Patriots 13-0 sign

As the game wound down, the fans at Gillette Stadium soon displayed their razor-sharp wit, as they taunted Smith & Steelers with chants of “guar-an-tee!“Even the soft-spoken Bill Belichick tossed out a few choice words about Anthony’s antics. When asked how Smith was burned by the trick play, the Pats coach responded, “The safety play at that position was pretty inviting.”

Interesting side note: When it comes to playing in the 50 States, Pittsburgh is only 2-48 in the Union this season - having only won in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Steelers Safety Smith Guarantees Win Over Patriots

STEELERS SAFETY SMITH SAYING SAYONARA TO NE STREAK: According to Anthony Smith, New England’s pursuit of perfection will peter out at 12:

Anthony Smith Steelers

The PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE prints some billboard material for the Patriots, as the Steelers safety promises victory on Sunday:”We’re going to win. Yeah, I can guarantee a win.”

Smith’s confidence seems to stem from the Steelers’ 24-10 shellacking of the Bengals Sunday night, inching Pittsburgh closer to an AFC North title.

As such, Smith also takes a side shot at Pats pass-catchers like Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Donte Stallworth, by saying, “I don’t think it gets much better than Cincinnati’s corps of receivers. We’ve already seen the best.”

Mercury Morris book

With close calls against the Eagles and Ravens in the last two weeks, Tom Brady & the boys have looked vulnerable. If anything is assured, it’s that Mercury Morris will definitely be bedecked in black & gold this weekend.