Anthony Kim: Winning In A John Daly Sort Of Way

Anthony Kim says that sightings of him coming home at 4 a.m. the morning of an important tournament round are like those of Bigfoot and an important Notre Dame football victory: total mythology. But the fact remains that several people say that they witnessed Kim getting back to the team hotel “sideways” at 4 in the morning on Sunday, less than five hours before his tee time for the final day of the President’s Cup.

anythony kim

This is the same Kim that, in a June, 2008 article in GOLF.COM, said he had spent five months getting sober and “cleaning up his act” so as to reach his full potential on the Tour. Well, to paraphrase Lincoln in his famous quote about General U.S. Grant, if Kim is drinking, they should have provided some of that booze to the rest of the U.S. team. Read more…