Dan Patrick Show: Live In Three Of 25 Top Markets

While making my morning rounds in South Beach today, I stumbled onto the newest of three (!) sports radio stations here in Miami (640am). I’m not really sure why the station exists, as there’s really no local programming to speak of. Fox Sports Radio fills most of the day, with Dan Patrick in the morning and Jim Rome in the midday.

Dan Patrick Show Search Results Tirico & Van Pelt

(This’ll have the SEO experts at SI.com scrambling today)

The clearance in Miami on the small, scratchy-signaled station though means that after six months on the air, Patrick’s show is now cleared live on a grand total of three major market (Top 25) stations. And really only one of those is a legitimate outlet (KLAC-AM in Los Angeles). The other two stations in Minneapolis and St. Louis are small, flanker sports stations. The show can also be heard live in Salt Lake City and San Antonio.

I actually don’t mind having 640am (WFTL) as a sports radio safety valve, as WQAM’s (560am, Dolphins) programming, besides an occasional interesting riff by middayer Jason Jackson, is the surest cure for insomnia I’ve found since moving here. WAXY (790am, Marlins) has more palatable personalities, but the morning show, with Sid Rosenberg, is generally unlistenable.

So this morning I’m scanning the dial and stumble onto Patrick’s show, which is the first time I’ve heard it since November (like hundreds of millions of Americans not living in Rapid City).

Dan Patrick Dan Nation

(”Dan Nation”? Those clever, marketing devils!)

I wrote a pretty scathing critique of his show when he relaunched it independently last November, and I’m happy to report that the show does sound marginally different now. Read more…