Kenny Albert Has A Really Obvious Freudian Slip

TV announcers have a job that’s obviously a lot tougher than it seems: professional talking. It must be tough because the football world, both professional and college, has about four people who are any good at it.

Titans Cheerleaders
(This is a story about boobs. I mean football. Boobs.)

One of them is definitely not Kenny Albert, who seems to react to a shot of the Tennessee cheerleaders by calling Green Bay the “Knockers.”

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Buck: Bored By Baseball, Has To Cram For Games

Sports talk radio is the place where announcers and analysts take off the masks and tell us how they really feel about the sports they cover and the people playing them — because they really don’t think anyone is listening. Last month, Justin Gimelstob used a D.C. radio show to spew against Anna Kournikova. Now, we get Fox’s lead baseball and football announcer, Joe Buck, admitting to ESPN’s Colin Cowherd that he just doesn’t enjoy baseball as much as he used to.

Joe Buck

AWFUL ANNOUNCING has the recorded audio, and is appropriately flabbergasted at the whole mess — because he’s right: this is why fans hate so much of the sports media right now.

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