UFL Commish Proves League All About Credibility

Forget about the Dodgers and Angels in the playoffs last night in HD here in SoCal. I much preferred watching the United Football League on Versus on my reconditioned netbook. I can relate a little to the UFL, since part of my 16-year career in main sports media was spent in mid-size markets. So really I understand just how tough credibility can be to come by for a start-up league.

Michael Huyghue UFL Commissioner

But thankfully, the UFL is under the discriminating stewardship of the former agent of Pacman Jones, league commissioner Michael Huyghue. Huyghue clearly understands that in order to draw fans in a hotly-competitive, over-saturated, mid-week professional football market like Las Vegas, you have to give the fans what they want. As I’ve already found out personally, one of the league’s first priorities was to drill-down on online ticket sales. Then there’s the all-important …

Cool, Tracy Morgan Tweet-inspired logos!

California Redwoods Logo Michael Huyghue

(Alternative pronunciation: “Michael EUGGGGE”)

Minty fresh uniform colors:

United Football League Minty Fresh Uniforms Overseen By Michael Huyghue

(I’d brushed, flossed 26 times by the two-minute warning)

Room number-approved sideline reporters:

UFL Anita Marks sideline reporter photo video under close inspection by Michael Huyghue

(Anita Marks actually a doll. Hello ACC football opp?!)

Referees keeping close watch over touchdown celebrations while outfitted in the finest officially-licensed racquetball apparel money can buy:

UFL Football Photos Officials wearing finest racquetball apparel money can buy

But as you know, if a new league is really to succeed, the commissioner has to be able to generate credibility from the outset. Read more…

KU Football, B-Ball Players Brawl In Campus Clash

• Rock Chalk Jayh…POW! Fights break out between football and basketball players for the University of Kansas - and some claim that a couple of n-bombs were dropped.

Jayhawks Milling About Smartly

• An Iowa inmate gets let out of jail for the day so he can go see the Red Sox play the Royals in person.

• Two Costa Rican paparazzi are suing Tom Brady for being shot at during his wedding to Gisele. Brady’s reaction? “I go no reaction to that one.”

• Flummoxed by your fantasy football failings? ESPN is offering to help the old-fashioned way - with a toll-free phone number.

• When it comes to NCAA sanctions, the BCS schools often get lighter sentences than their non-BCS brethren.

Read more…

UFL, Versus Will Bring Out The Big Guns For TV

The UFL season begins in about a week, as if you didn’t have the date circled with a sparkly glow pen. In addition to rolling out the schedule, we’ve also got your announcers for the Versus TV broadcasts. You’ve got your Doug Flutie, your Dave Sims, your Kordell Stewart … wait, what? But most importantly of all …

Anita Marks

Gratuitous Anita Marks. If anyone were cut out to be a UFL sideline reporter, it’s Ms. Marks, who has not only been a  broadcasting fixture on radio, but also a quarterback in the Women’s Professional Football League and a Playboy model. Ha, match that resume, Suzy Kolber.

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Anita Marks To Host Three Baltimore Ravens Radio Shows

RED HOT SPORTS CHICK SET TO ENJOY RAVENS THREESOME: Anita Marks, a.k.a. The Red Hot Sports Chick, will be hosting not one, not two, but *three* Ravens-related radio roundtables this season:

Anita Marks

She’ll be chatting it up on The Ray Lewis Show (Mon 6-8), The Willis McGahee Show (Thur 6-8) and The Big Show with J.O. starring the one and only Jonathan Ogden (Wed 6-8) - all on ESPN Radio 1300 in Baltimore.And if you can’t just get enough, you can see the RHSC in all her glory weekdays from 3-5 p.m. on the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network. So, get your spirits high just before they come crashing down during the following Nationals or Orioles game on MASN.

Anita Marks

But don’t think Anita’s just a pretty face. The one-time Playboy poser is also quite the football phenom, having played quarterback for a women’s pro team in Miami.So, she could kick your sorry butt.