Organizers Testing For Doggy Iditaroids

Today in Anchorage will be the site of the shove-off of the 34th Iditarod, otherwise known as that 1,700-mile doggy sled race that lasts two weeks, which you probably secretly know of from watching “Balto” over and over.

Dog steroids

As THREESTRIKESANDOUT notes, though organizers aver that all’s aboveboard, there’s still going to be testing for performance enhancers. Yes, for dogs.

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Puppy Bowl IV Fetches Record Number of Viewers

Fox wasn’t the only big ratings winner on Sunday. MULTICHANNEL NEWS reports that Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl” also fetched record numbers of viewers.

Puppy Bowl

Over 8 million pet-lovers tuned in to the 12-hour marathon, watching cute li’l doggies run around a small specially-made field while chewing on toys, referee dolls, and each other. Viewership was up 35% from last year’s telecast, as this season’s Bowl was the first to be shown in HD.

With those kind of numbers, maybe Gary Bettman should re-think his deal with Versus.

Deeds That Won’t Earn You A Trip To Leavenworth

The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE writes up about Raiders player Jarrod Cooper - who could be seen as the anti-Michael Vick.

Raiders' Jarrod Cooper with dog

Cooper has been volunteering at the Oakland Animal Shelter, helping care for abused animals. Since he’s with the Raiders, you’d assume his visits were part of some mandated community service. But Cooper comes on his own accord, as a animal lover who wants to do his part for our four-legged friends.

And it was steroids that brought him to his dogged work.

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Baby Giraffe in Boston Zoo Named In Honor of World Series Champ Red Sox

GIRAFFE BORN IN BOSTON ZOO NAMED AFTER WS CHAMPS: What better way to cap off a championship season than to have a baby giraffe named after you:

Giraffe Boston Sox

(Which way to Toys-R-Us?)

WBZ-TV reports Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo named the long-neck newborn “Sox”, in honor of the baseball team’s World Series sweep.Although the giraffe was born after Game 1, zoo officials decided to hold off on naming the babe until after the Series, fearing it would be a jinx on the club’s chances.

After enduring 86 years of the Curse of the Bambino, we’re sure David Ortiz & crew could have held off any giraffe jinx.

Goat Bill Buckner

Now that the Red Sox have claimed two MLB titles in the past four years, maybe the zoo can stop naming their goats Bill Buckner and their jackasses Bucky Dent.

Hippopotamus Found In Chargers Coach’s Pool

SAN DIEGO HIPPO CHARGES FROM PARK TO COACH’S POOL: Is that a hippopotamus in your pool, or are you just glad to see us?

Hippo Chargers towel

FOX SPORTS has big news of the gargantuan guest cooling off in the backyard of Chargers special teams coach Steve Crosby. (2nd article down in the link)While the team was practicing in Arizona, Crosby got a call from his wife about the voracious visitor enjoying a dip. The Crosbys live near the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and wildfires in the region had burned some openings for the animals to escape through.

Authorities soon arrived to tranquilize and pull the potamus out of the pool, post-haste. It’s a poor pity, since Crosby could have produced some potential pocket change from admission payments if the potamus stayed put.

Phil Mickelson

But it wasn’t very polite for the hippo to hold a pool party at the Crosbys’ without permission. Why couldn’t he have rumbled over to his beach house, like Phil Mickelson?