Cowboys Rapper TE Blogs About Females Farting

You can always count on Martellus Bennett for some entertainment. The Dallas Cowboys tight end tried to make a go of it as a raucous rapper, but his dreams of mic magnificence were derailed after being fined $20,000 for rhyming “Romo” with “homo“. Now with a music career in momentary mothballs, Martellus has turned to the written word.

Martellus Bennett

Bennett has a blog over at the DALLAS MORNING NEWS, where he muses about life, love, low-post routes, and whatever else he’s thinking about. And what is occupying Martellus’ mind at the moment? Women’s farts!

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Carano Almost as Influential as Oprah & Angelina

Let’s play the old Sesame Street game “Which one of these things is not like the other?”: Angelina Jolie, Sarah Palin, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Gina Carano. If you guessed Carano, congratulations! You just picked out the least likely member of the “Top 5 most influential women” in, well, just about ever.

carano pink

(Yup. Looks like Top 5 quality to us.)

Carano, easily the best looking fighter ever, catapulted from complete anonymity into the Top 10 of YAHOO! BUZZ’s annual list of most influential women. In fact, she not only made the list, she made the top 5. Sure, Carano got plenty of eyeballs on her as “Crush” on “American Gladiators”, and also probably in part of being one half of the first-ever primetime female fight. Still, we’re betting that her looks have something to do with it, no?

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