Giant Rookie Hits First HR After 19 Years in Minors

Rare home runs were all the rage last night. Besides Angel Berroa’s epic shot, here’s another story to pin on the ol’ inspirational “If at first you don’t succeed, etc.” bulletin board: After toiling away for 19 years in the minors, 36-year-old rookie Scott McClain finally cranked out his first major league home run.

Scott McClain

As is the case in stories like this, some crazy stats are coming to light: McClain went through 7,301 professional at-bats before last night, he knocked out 362 home runs in the minors and Japan before his “official” first, and, most importantly, he was born on the exact same day as Ace of Base singer Jenny Berggren!

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Manny Being Manny Being Unneccesary Translator

THE LA TIMES’ BLUE NOTES blog has this gem from last night’s game between the Dodgers and Padres: Angel Berroa hit his first home run in two years last night against the Padres. The amazing part isn’t that Berroa homered, or even that he still is in the big leagues. (Keep in mind that the Dodgers continue to let Mark Sweeney go to bat every couple of days, and he’s more likely to accidentally hit the catcher in the back of the head than the ball at this point.)

Manny Ramirez

No, what was spectacular was the FSN interview after the game between Berroa, reporter Patrick O’Neal and Berroa’s “translator”: Manny Ramirez.

As you would guess with anything relating to Manny Ramirez, hilarity ensued. FOX SPORTS has a high-quality version of the video that you can watch here, or you can see the LARRY BROWN SPORTS capture after the jump.

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