Speed Read: Jim Boeheim Assaults Mic After Upset

You might remember Cleveland State as a footnote in NCAA basketball history: back in 1986, the Vikings became the darlings of the hoops world when they beat Indiana and St. Joesph’s to become the first No. 14 seed to reach the Sweet Sixteen. Both their wins came in the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, one of the sites for the early rounds of the East Regionals (remember back when game sites actually had some geographical relevance to their bracket?)

Cleveland State upsets Syracuse

Flash-forward 22 years, as Cleveland State makes their return trip to Syracuse, this time to take on the previously-unbeaten and 11th-ranked Orange. The Vikings - thought to be a contender in the Horizon League before a rash of early losses - put up a good fight and lead late, only to see Syracuse’s Arinze Onuaku tie the score at 69-69 with two seconds left on a put-back basket, setting up the inevitable overtime where the better team uses their superior depth and athletic ability to pull away from the game underdogs.

And then this happened:

Cedric Jackson drains the 60-footer - just like they work on it in practice - and Cleveland State stuns Syracuse 72-69. All of which left Orange coach Jim Boeheim pretty irritable at the post-game press conference. Add in a faulty microphone and you’ve got a late contender for coaching meltdown of the year. (Thanks to NESW SPORTS for the heads up :)

Yowza. I know it looks bad, but Boeheim was obviously in a bad mood and I’m sure he feels really bad about it. (Although that mic totally had it coming.) After all, he doesn’t want to set a bad example for his students, so they can think they can act out in violent and destructive fashion and not be punished.

Oops, never mind. Still, it’s a great win for Cleveland State head coach Gary Waters. Let’s just hope he doesn’t suffer the same downward spiral that the last Vikings coach to win in Syracuse did, but I hope Waters is smart enough to not get caught high as a kite leaving a crack house.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles kept “Operation Don’t Let a Tie with the Bengals Ruin Our Season” going for at least one more week last night, pasting the Cleveland Browns 30-10. (And really, is there any other way to beat a Ken Dorsey-led team?) That’s three straight wins after the debacle against the Ravens that led to Donovan McNabb’s benching and a general consensus that the Andy Reid Era in Philadelphia was over.

Eagles versus Browns

Impressive, but will it be enough? Let’s just say that the odds are stacked against them. Not only will they need to beat Washington (who are imploding, but it’s on the road) and Dallas (the perpetual question mark), but they need either Atlanta (games against Minnesota and St. Louis) or Tampa Bay (San Diego and Oakland) to lose once.

With three almost guaranteed wins there, the Eagles have to pin their postseason hopes on the less-than-golden arm of Tarvaris Jackson. Good luck with that.

Other sports news that happened while you and everyone else in America were not out watching “Delgo” at your local movie theater:

Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods hate each other

Which coach had the best press conference meltdown in 2008?

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Speed Read: Phillie Phanatic’s Weiners Blown Up

Another night, another Mets collapse: this time they blew a four-run lead before falling 9-6 to the Cubs in 10 innings. Combine that with CC Sabathia pitching a gem on short rest to lift the Brewers to a 4-2 win over the Pirates and you’ve got a tie for the NL Wild Card. Instead of buying seats as souvenirs when the season is over, Mets fans might just be ripping them apart in disgust after another late-season collapse.

Bomb Squad t-shirt

The Phillies lost, too, but even more troubling, as the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS reports, was this: the Philadelphia Police Department bomb squad blew up the hot dogs the Phillie Phanatic shoots into crowds between innings, after someone called in about a suspicious package. They were hardly a danger to the public, unless you count the nitrates, fat and sodium. But this is Philadelphia, the home of the cheese steak - when it comes to food leading to heart attacks, hot dogs are the least of their concerns.

Peter Lalich Virginia Cavaliers QB

Former Virginia starting QB Peter Lalich strikes me as a fan of cheese steaks. And hot dogs. And whatever else he can find when he’s hammered. Even though he was just kicked out of school for underage drinking, COLLEGE FOOTBALL TALK notes that it didn’t take long for him to land on his wobbly feet: he’s already enrolled at Oregon State, and will be eligible to play next season.

Why did Lalich choose the Beavers? Perhaps he thought that Dennis Erickson was still the head coach and he needed a new drinking buddy. Or maybe OSU wanted some advance scouting for their game against USC tonight, since he started against them the opening weekend. Although I’m guessing any notes he gave to Coach Mike Riley weren’t very useful:

“Dear Coach: Their defense hits really hard. It hurts to play them, especially when you’re nursing a wicked hangover from Dollar PBR night at Snooker’s.”

Matt Millen

Also landing on his feet quickly: fired Lions GM Matt Millen. Actually, it’s more like “gently floating to Earth on a golden parachute” as MLIVE.COM reports that Detroit could be on the hook for the his entire $50 million contract after letting him go. Judging by this photo found by DEADSPIN, you would hope that he could afford a riding lawnmower with that giant wad of cash.

The Wall stadium

  • WITH LEATHER has designs on the world’s first underground stadium, currently being built in Qatar. No truth that the rumor that the Raiders’ home field of the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum is underground: it’s just the coach who is being buried six feet under.
  • CBS 4 DENVER has Broncos’ lineman Kenny Peterson trying to get a side mount on reporter Kathy Lee. Don’t get any ideas, creeps - they were learning Jiu-Jitsu for a story. Needless to say, he fared better against her than the black belt trainer.
  • T.J. Simers of the LOS ANGELES TIMES highlights some good deeds by Manny Ramirez - and pimps this very site!
  • WASHINGTONIAN.COM interviews Trader Joe’s cheese buyer turned DC SPORTS BOG writer Dan Steinberg, who gives his opinions on everything from Gilbert Arenas to Jim Zorn’s magic dust to beer.
  • Is Andy Pettitte done as a Yankee? The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS wonders that after the team announces he’s done for the season with a bum left shoulder. If only there was some way he could take something to help him get stronger and recover faster between starts…
  • The DALLAS MORNING NEWS reports about an ex-women’s basketball player at SMU who is suing the school and head coach Rhonda Rompola for pulling her scholarship after she complained about inappropriate comments and questions the coach allegedly made about her lesbian sex life.
  • MMA EXPERTS BLOG is ready to take Gina Carano to the mat for calling a press conference to complain about all the attention she’s receiving. Because posing for men’s magazines while wearing practically nothing and starring in American Gladiators while … well … wearing practically nothing is a great way to avoid being noticed.
  • MOUTHPIECE SPORTS notes that even though none of the players from the original RBI Baseball Nintendo game are still playing, seven of the teams are still playing in the same stadiums. Of course, every stadium in RBI Baseball looked like a more generic Three Rivers Stadium, so take that at face value.
  • HOME RUN DERBY wonders if the Cubbies aren’t tempting fate by already having World Series tickets printed up.
  • The Oakland A’s haven’t decided to unveil new uniforms to court the alternative lifestyle crowd in the Bay Area: SF GATE reports that the rookies were forced to dress in drag for the team’s final road trip to Seattle. Almost but not quite as nightmare-inducing as the Padres as Hooters girls, but close.

Hot dogs plus the bomb squad might be a mess, but is the pinnacle of exploding goodness?

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Blog Jam: US Soccer Gal Strips Off Shirt After Win

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC uncovers US soccer player Natasha Kai pulling a Brandi Chastain after the Americans beat Brazil for the women’s gold:

Natasha Kai US womens soccer shirt strip

Frankly, we prefer to ogle Brandi’s original shirt-shedding.

• UNPROFESSIONAL FOUL can’t believe what they’re seeing, as a British couple thinks they’ve found a missing girl, but the child turns out to be the non-missing son of a Croatian soccer player.

• YOU BEEN BLINDED pulls no punches, as Mike Tyson says he’s done with boxing. (At least until his next appearance fee check clears.)

• WITH LEATHER finds A-Rod hanging with the new Menudo. Ay caramba!

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Study: Using HGH Isn’t All It’s Pumped Up To Be

It looks like Andy, Roger (& Debbie), and all those others named in the Mitchell Report may have done all that supposed needling for nothing.

Roger Clemens Andy Pettitte

MSNBC reports on a new study that reveals human growth hormone isn’t making athletes stronger, and in fact, it might be hurting performance.

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Digger Phelps Getting His Pre-Game Groove On

Stealing autographed Red Sox balls from a little girl’s suitcase? Who knew Hank Steinbrenner worked in airport security?

• ESPN analyst Digger Phelps knows how to Rock Chalk Jayhawk with a Kansas cheerleader.

Digger Phelps dancing video capture

• Can a twisted testicle be eased by an electronic bone stimulator?

Roger Clemens’ appearance pumps up the Rockets to their 15th straight win.

• A fan expresses his love for the Charlotte Bobcats the only he can - through song.

Tyrone Willingham’s a great guy. Now if he could only be a great coach again.

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Pettitte Finds Inspiration & Outs In Spring Debut

So, how’s the Roger Clemens conundrum affecting Andy Pettitte’s play?

Andy Pettitte Yankees pitching

So far,not too badly.

The NEW YORK TIMES reports the Yankees hurler looked pretty good in his spring training debut, holding the Phillies to a walk & a single in two innings of work during Sunday’s 7-7 tie.

Wait, a 7-7 tie? Was Bud Selig in the crowd?

But after such an eventful offseason - with the Mitchell Report and ratting out the Rocket and getting his dad to hunt down some HGH - Andy must have looked for some inspiration to help through the tough times.

And he did. Read more…

ARod’s Admiration For Andy A Little Over The Top

We used to broadcast the games for the Yankees’ AAA team in Columbus (OH). During that time we met Andy Pettitte a couple times either on rehab stints or at Spring Training.

Andy Pettitte

Thanks to a few too many late night drinking binges in places like Toledo and Scranton, we’ve erased most of those days from our memory bank. But we do remember our brushes with Pettitte. Read more…

Lil’ Boss Says Baseball ‘Singled Out’ Over Steroids

Hank Steinbrenner needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. First, the Baby Boss openly admitted that the Yankees were jonesin’ for Johan Santana - which could have violated MLB tampering rules. And now Hank needs a hanky, as he cries foul over baseball being “singled out” over steroids.

Hank Steinbrenner

In a chat with the ASSOCIATED PRESS, Steinbrenner says it’s America’s other national pastime that should be put in its place over the use of performance-enhancing drugs: Read more…

Pettitte, Gagne, LoDuca All Kickin’ It With Mitch

Andy Pettitte, Paul LoDuca and Eric Gagne bailed out MSM outlets looking for copy fill today, as all three addressed the media over issues initially wrought by the Mitchell Report.

Media At Spring Training

Of course, that fill reminded us of something you might find stamped into the side of a hill, with vents coming out. Read more…

Andy Pettitte’s HGH Probe Just Joined Club Jenna

After last week’s report on Andy Pettitte using his dad to pick up his shipments of human growth hormone, the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS digs deeper and finds out that the Yankee hurler’s childhood friend, Kelly Blair, is the one whom Tom Pettitte got his son’s HGH from.

Jenna Jameson Preying Mantis Lingerie Bowl

More interesting though is how Pettittie’s sordid HGH acquisition story somehow involves Jenna Jameson, albeit indirectly.

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