Ole Miss Coach Arrest Ends Up On Cops Show

Cable channel truTV has nice resume builder for Ole Miss Coach Andy Kennedy if he ever wants to get into television.

Andy Kennedy on Tru TV

The coach got some reps last week on the channel’s Hot Pursuit show via the previously-released video of Kennedy being arrested in 2008 in Cincinnati for punching and slurring a local cab driver. (He pleaded down to a lesser charge and got probation and community service.)The video has been out and all over the web for over a year, but the mocking commentary from voiceover dude makes it worth a watch one more time.

For example, after Kennedy tells officers as they cuff and stuff him that if he isn’t at his game the next day, “this is an INTERNATIONAL ALTERCATION!

Announcer guy retort: “Quick, call NATO, Andy Kennedy’s been arrested.

That’s not to say I completely disagree with Kennedy’s sentiment.

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Mets Don’t Like Dwight Writing on Their New Walls

• The Mets are mad at Dwight Gooden for holding an impromptu autograph session on their brand new Citi Field walls.

Dwight Gooden Mets

• Some pretty exciting playoff performances by the Bulls & Sixers so far. Too bad it’s all a formality until the Lakers-LeBron finals.

• It’s one thing for linemen to get the late-night munchies, but stealing $82 worth of hamburgers & Hot Pockets from other people’s fridges?

• Looks like the Cavs have found their new playoff anthem, thanks to Joe Smith … er, Joe Beast.

• Another great use for Twitter: Calling local sportswriters fat.

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Ole Miss BBall Coach Pleads Guilty in Assault Case

Last December, Ole Miss basketball coach Andy Kennedy was back in his old stomping grounds of Cincinnati, where he had previously taken over the Bearcats on an interim basis after Bob Huggins bugged out. And during his visit, Kennedy saw some old friends - and made new enemies, after he was arrested for cursing out & assaulting a cabbie.

Andy Kennedy Ole Miss basketball coach

It became such a shocking & embarrassing story that Andy’s wife Kimber actually countersued the cabbie, claiming that the ordeal had taken its toll on the Kennedys’ sex life. Well, Mrs. K, get ready from some hot ‘n’ heavy conjugal cuddling with your hubby, as Andy has pleaded guilty in the case.

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Ole Miss B-Ball Coach Beats Up Cincinnati Cabbie

• Ole Miss basketball coach Andy Kennedy returns to Cincinnati in grand fashion - by assaulting a cab driver with fists & racial slurs.

Andy Kennedy Ole Miss basketball coach

• Could we see Manny Ramirez in pinstripes before too long?

Eddy Curry has casually avoided a $41,000 bill from Casual Male.

• Ex-Hoosier Eric Gordon says drugs did in Indiana’s season last year.

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Ole Miss Coach Arrested For Assaulting Cab Driver

Andy Kennedy has made a newsworthy return to the city of Cincinnati. The former Bearcats basketball coach is back in town to lead his Ole Miss Rebels in action against Louisville tonight.

Andy Kennedy Ole Miss coach

(Coach Kennedy, undoubtedly shouting something about a man’s mother and a camel)

Then again, he might not. There’s a tiny little matter of Andy allegedly assaulting a cab driver, all while spewing forth racial slurs at the cabbie.

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