Video: Andrew Bogut Suffers Grisly Elbow Injury

Bucks center Andrew Bogut dislocated his elbow during a fall Saturday in a game against the Suns:

Gery Woelfel of the RACINE (WI) JOURNAL-TIMES reports Bogut “slightly dislocated his elbow” and suffered no broken bones.

Andrew Bogut Suffers Dislocated Elbow

Video below.

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Ray Allen Talks Friend Out Of India Terror Danger

Ray Allen helps save the life of a friend caught in a hotel during the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

Ray Allen Celtics

• The UNC b-ball team has a better record at Ford Field than the Lions do.

• What NFL venues are the most vegetarian-friendly? The list may surprise you.

Andrew Bogut tries to bailout his hometown Aussie hoops team.

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Andrew Bogut Gives $ To Bailout Aussie Pro Team

Andrew Bogut is putting his money where his mouth is to try and save basketball in his hometown of Sydney, Australia. FOX SPORTS AUSTRALIA is reporting that the Bucks center and former No. 1 overall draft pick is sponsoring one of the remaining six home games for the Sydney Spirit as they struggle to make it to the end of the season.

Andrew Bogut

The cost? About $31,000, which might be chump change to a player who just signed a big bucks, multiyear deal in the offseason, but is going to apparently go a long way to help the players get their paychecks - which they’ve already agreed to cut by more than 50 percent in order to make it to the end of the season.

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Blog-O-Rama: Bruce Pearl Still Lovin’ The Ladies

• THE DIRTY catches Bruce Pearl once again laying out with the ladies.

Bruce Pearl laying with some ladies

We expect nothing less from the man who was able to sneak a halftime hug with Erin Andrews.

• Poetic justice: Spencer Hall of the SPORTING BLOG realizes that Western Kenutcky’s Big Red has inspired ESPN photo caption writers to pen haikus.

• ODENIZED comes across Charles Barkley professing his hatred of NBA referee Mike Mathis. But it’s not like Chuck feels that way about all refs - right, Dick Bavetta?

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Jessica Jinxing Another Dallas Team, ‘85′ to Big D?

• Is Jessica Simpson jinxing another Dallas team? Maybe Chad Johnson can come to the rescue.

Jessica Simpson Chad Johnson

• A word of warning to Philly fans: Don’t mess with Allen Iverson’s mama.

Andrew Bogut is not stylin’ on the Bucks sidelines.

Barack Obama & John McCain aren’t afraid to get in on the March Madness, but Hillary Clinton is hesitant.

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Andrew Bogut Breaks Unofficial NBA Dress Code

The biggest joke in Milwaukee right now? The obvious answer is the Bucks record and a recent loss to the Miami Heat leading to the ouster of GM Larry Harris. But the real laugher is the street clothes selection made by rich, big man Andrew Bogut who was snapped sitting at the end of the bench exposing this 80s getup.

Andrew Bogut clothes selection

White loafers, white socks and jeans look has Bucks’ loyalists crying foul and declaring this outfit a NBA dress code violation. Yeah, but those loafers are probably made with some special kangaroo hide and cost upwards of $400 per pair. And those white socks…imported Tunisian cotton - or something like that. $40 per foot.

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NBA Casualty List To Grow Thanks To Olympics?

In quick succession recently, the NBA lost Yao Ming and Dwayne Wade to season-ending injuries. In each case, the player had apparently been struggling through one or more injuries and simply could not risk playing any longer. Also, each player had strong reasons to begin the healing process as soon as possible: Olympic glory.

Yao Ming Dywane Wade Injuries Thanks To Olympics

Yao has extraordinarily strong national responsibilities, but both players have immense marketing muscle behind their athletic efforts under the international spotlight - in the most lucrative emerging consumer market.

Which leaves the obvious question: which players have the most incentive to set aside the remainder of the NBA season to better prepare for Olympic success this summer in Beijing?

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