Too Much Spartan Spirit Claims Another Receiver

As any graduate of Michigan State University can tell you, the football program has a bit of a “record” when it comes to players not acting as exemplary citizens off the field. My own college years there were during the heyday of Jeff Smoker, the drug-addled quarterback with the unfortunate last name. Recently, former Spartan WR Plaxico Burress has been in the news for something-or-other. And now we have ourselves another former Spartan player on the wrong side of the police blotter: Mr. Charles Rogers.

Cheri Oteri, Will Ferrell

(”Who’s got Spartan Spirit?”)

Rogers, as you’ll remember, was one of the biggest draft busts in recent memory after he was chosen by the Lions as the second overall pick in 2003. (Fun Fact: The next pick in the draft was Andre Johnson.) Rogers lasted three seasons in the league, caught a grand total of 36 passes, collected four TDs, and then essentially drugged himself out of football. But where is he now? Try on Michigan’s Most Wanted list.

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Hurricane Ike Kills MNF Ravens-Texans Game

Hurricane Ike has claimed another victim: the sanity of fantasy football managers everywhere. According to various reports, the Monday night fútbol americano tilt between the Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans is going to get postponed.

Woman looking at Hurricane Ike

(”Sure, this Hurricane’s about to devour me, but do I still start Willis McGahee?”)

ESPN is reporting that Hurricane Ike tore “chunks off the stadium’s retractable roof and the damage can’t be fixed in time to host the game.” Leaving the obvious question aside for a moment - how did a Ravens-Texans game get a prime time scheduling in the first place? - the most important aspect of this tragedy that we must consider right now is what this will mean for your fantasy team.

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Griff Pays Back Pal In Pennies; JoePa Needs Water

Sir Charles hasn’t paid back that $400,000 he owes? What a dumbass.

• When you lend Ken Griffey Jr. money, it’s quite the changing experience.

Ken Griffey Jr. piggy bank

Joe Paterno was rushed to the hospital for dehydration, and we ain’t (Nittany) Lion.

• But it’s a good thing JoePa wasn’t buying bikes at Wal-Mart, otherwise he would have died of thirst.

• Yankee Stadium, Michael Strahan, streakers in robes running the bases - what NYU grad could ask for anything more?

• You’ll fall head over heels for this flipping filly.

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Wal-Mart Withholds Water From WR’s Kids Event

Andre Johnson is very angry with Wal-Mart. Not because they sell cheap merchandise, or because the greeters haven’t been as cheerful to him - but because they wouldn’t give water to some poor kids.

Andre Johnson water money

TMZ hears from the Texans receiver that the retail giant apparently decided not to donate refreshment to a recent charity event of his - all because Johnson didn’t buy enough bikes: Read more…