Anderson Varejao Survives Emergency Landing

Last night I was at the Lakers-Suns beatdown so I missed this Dwyane Wade dunk over Anderson Varejao of the Cavaliers:

Dwyane Wade dunk over Anderson Varejao

(Sully: take note)

My hair hurts.

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Celtics Sore About Cavaliers’ Late-Game Dancing

The Cleveland Cavaliers were certainly in a good mood during their 107-76 blowout of the Boston Celtics on Sunday. (Why, Anderson Varejao was in such high spirits, he didn’t even notice Ray Allen giving him an elbow to his groinal region.) And it was such a fun time at the Quicken Loans Arena for the Cavs that some players decided to do a little dancing before the final horn sounded.

Mo Williams LeBron James

(Mo & LeBron wave their fists in the air, wave ‘em like they just don’t care)

LeBron James, Delonte West and Mo Williams got their groove on while the clock ticked down toward Cleveland’s 39th home win of the season. And the busting of such moves rubbed at least one member of the Boston media the wrong way - enough so that he asked David Stern if he was going to do something about it.

(Video of one of the offensive dance routines is after the jump.)

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Boom Goes The Oscars; A Very Perverted Coach

• And the Oscar goes to … Will Smith, for “Boom Goes The Dynamite!”

Boom Goes The Dynamite guy Will Smith

• An Oregon basketball coach has sex with underage girls, then waits until the statute of limitations runs out before admitting to it. You stay classy, Howard Avery!

• So much for skimming off of MLB prospects’ contracts to fund gay clubs.

• A Moroccan woman overcomes homelessness, an arranged marriage and a maternal beatdown to win in her MMA debut.

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SbB Clever Caption Contest: LeBron Has A Laugh

Hey readers! Time for another Oscar-worthy SbB Clever Caption Contest!

Today we take a look at the Cavs’ bench, as LeBron James laughs it up, Ben Wallace tries to hold it in, and Anderson Varejao stares into space:

Cavaliers bench LeBron James Ben Wallace Anderson Varejao

What’s giving King James & Big Ben the giggles? Submit your suggestions into the comments section linked below. Winner will be announced in the end-of-the-day recap, and be treated to a special dinner with Zydrunas Ilgauskas at the Cleveland-area Lithuanian restaurant of his choice.

Good luck & good writing! Bet you can already taste that kugelis!