MSU’s Izzo Goes Broadway In Self-Made Musical

Among all his assets, one of the things that’s considered paramount in making Tom Izzo a star is his fierce sense of pride. The man is manic, refusing to back down in a blowout, exhorting his team to play tough defense and always trying to project a football-forged sense of identity. He practices hard, he coaches hard, he sings and dances hard.

Wait, what’s that?

tom izzo michigan state accordion

(Izzo, who cares about the accordion? You’re surrounded by cheerleaders!)

Well, according to the DETROIT FREE PRESS, as of tonight, the last part of that sentence will actually be accurate. Izzo is set to star in a one-day only musical adaptation of his life — “Izzo Goes to Broadway” — in the campus theater at Michigan State. And make no mistake - this isn’t a fly-by-night production, either.

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Michael Jordan: America’s #1 Cause Of Cancer

Now this may come as a shock to some of you, but the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, enjoys smoking a stogie once in a while. I also hear rumors that he likes gambling and women as well. Who knew!?

(Photo courtesy of TMZ)

Apparently this is all news to the American Cancer Society, as they aren’t very pleased with some photos of His Airness that have recently surfaced. posted photos of Jordan playing in a softball game and smoking a cigar while doing so. Obviously, this just wasn’t something the ACS could let slip by.

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