Allison Stokke Pics; Cheerleader Likes ‘Em Large

We’re always Stokke‘d to uncover new photos of the amazing Allison.

Allison Stokke Cal

• Does a former Patriots cheerleader have a fetish for the fatties?

• The snide slapshots delivered by local scribes almost has us paying attention to the NHL playoffs.

Andruw Jones is really growing into a heavy hitter - literally.

• An Australian rules football player gets a seven-week suspension for slugging an opponent.

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Who Knew? Ex-Pats Cheerleader’s Fat Guy Fetish?

The BOSTON HERALD has this today, “New England Patriots [team stats] center Dan Koppen and his honey, ex-Pats cheerleader Amber van Eeghen tied the knot in Cranston, R.I., over the weekend. Amber, who is the subject of the Blues Traveler tune “Amber Awaits,” is the daughter of retired NFL great Mark Van Eeghen.

Lardass Love Triangle

We love how there’s a link to the Pats’ “team stats” next to Koppen’s name. We had no idea center-QB exchanges were now an officially-tracked NFL statistic. Read more…