Hot Reporter Soaked In Philly Celebration… Again

Why is it that locker room celebrations in Philadelphia always seem to end with attractive female reporters getting soaked? Not that I’m complaining: it’s more a question of why is this just happening in Philly and not everywhere some team is celebrating a big win?

Jamie Apody

Last year it was Jade McCarthy who wound up the recipient of a champagne shower after the Phillies clinched the NL East crown. And THE FIGHTINS has evidence that after yesterday’s pennant-clinching win over the Nationals, it was Jamie Apody of WPVI-TV’s turn to get drenched, courtesy of Brett Myers and Pedro Feliz.

Video after the jump:

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Blog-Some: Classic ESPN Cockfighting Commercial

• YOU BEEN BLINDED scratches up this classic ESPN commercial featuring the Red Sox & Yankees cockfighting:

• CNBC’s Darren Rovell hoops it up with the Harlem Globetrotters - by hitting the court as a Washington General.

• The NEW YORK POST’s PAGE SIX briefs us that Tom Brady may soon be showing off in Calvin Klein skivvies.

• The NATIONAL ENQUIRER leg-drops a bombshell that Hulk Hogan’s been secretly squeezing his 24-inch pythons around a friend of his daughter’s

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Stevie Y. Deals With Dirty Dad Faking Kid’s Cancer

A friendly reminder - the Patriots’ victory parade (same day as Super Tuesday) is less than a week away!

• A putrid parent faked his kid’s cancer just so they’d get a visit from Steve Yzerman.

Steve Yzerman Stanley Cup

• Disgraced TV anchor Alycia Lane may be back on the airwaves - with the WWE?

• Argue with Sonics owner Clay Bennett, and he’ll toss your butt out of the arena.

• UCLA’s Kevin doesn’t get any Love from the Oregon crowd.

Jeremy Shockey will go to Terrell Owens’ in-town Super Bowl party, but might not attend the Big Game with his Giants teammates.

• A high school wrestling coach bit off more than he can chew when he munched on one of his players.

• Japan’s postal service delivers up new stamps featuring baseball hero Dice-K.

• Remembering the time a NASCAR fan stole the pace car at the Winston 500.

Alycia Lane Could Be Back On The Air With WWE

The HUFFINGTON POST picks up word from the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS that former news anchor Alycia Lane may be back in front of the cameras again - for the WWE.

Alycia Lane Vince McMahon

Lane and Philly radio jock Chris Booker were seen together in the Wachovia Center crowd during Monday night’s ‘WWE Raw’. The next day, Booker said on his show that Vince McMahon had offered Alycia an on-camera job with his wrestling outfit. A WWE spokesman said he couldn’t confirm the offer.

Rich Eisen Alycia Lane

Alycia’s adventures outside the anchor’s chair already make an interesting story line. The ex-anchor had reportedly sent bikini photos of herself to NFL Network host Rich Eisen. And in December, Alycia supposedly brawled with New York City police, eventually punching a female cop.

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Eisen-Flirting, Cop-Slugging Philly TV Anchor Fired

HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS interrupts our regularly scheduled post with this breaking news: Philadelphia TV anchor Alycia Lane has been fired:

Rich Eisen Alycia Lane

The brunette-beauty broadcaster is best known for two things: Sending snapshots of her bikini-filling form to NFL Network mouthpiece Rich Eisen; And punching up a New York City policewoman.

A statement by KYW-TV general manager Michael Colleran says that the station doesn’t believe Lane will be found guilty of any NYC shenanigans, but they don’t need her kind of actions on their action news team:

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Blog-O-Rama: Eisen-Loving Anchor Punches Cop

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS scores a knockout, as the female Philly anchor who was once caught flirting with Rich Eisen has been found fighting with the fuzz:

Rich Eisen Alycia Lane

• 100% INJURY RATE isn’t buying what MMA fighters are selling in their foreign-made commercials.• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT isn’t taking the bait, as they don’t want to get reeled into playing fantasy fishing.

• YOU BEEN BLINDED gets in the holiday spirit by offering this classic one-on-one encounter between His Airness and jolly ol’ St. Nick:

• WITH LEATHER can’t wait to see some good football in Miami for once - in a flag-football game featuring Dan Marino.• PYLE OF LIST wants your votes in electing members to their Sports Movie Hall of Fame.

Rich Eisen Fondly Remembers Semi-Nude Spa Moment With Tom Coughlin

EISEN MISSES MASSAGE MEETINGS W/COACH COUGHLIN: Steve Greenberg of the SPORTING NEWS sits down for a lovely chat with Rich Eisen, the former ESPN anchor who now shills for the NFL Network. (That would explain why you don’t see much of Richie nowadays.)

Rich Eisen younger days

Anyway, Greenberg asks Eisen about various topics, such as what he misses most about the Worldwide Leader (Patrick, Olbermann, Kilborn, Stuart Scott), his favorite studio host (Ernie Johnson), and if he would call himself a journalist or entertainer (”How about an infotainer?“).Steve also brings up Eisen’s marriage to sideline reporter Suzy Shuster, which somehow makes Rich “something of a god.” Eisen responds, “My wife would love to hear that, although she wouldn’t put me up that high.”

Alycia Lane

But some other female reporters would, like this sports anchor from Philadelphia.And you would have to wonder why, after hearing what Eisen says is his most memorable moment from going “Total Access”:

Sitting in a spa waiting room and having Tom Coughlin walk in wearing the same white terry cloth towel. Our massages were scheduled for the same time and were supposed to have just started, so he walked up to the counter upset and let ‘em have it.”

Tom Coughlin men in towels

Of all the real and fake responses to offer, Eisen chooses the story of spending some semi-nude seconds with the New York Giants’ head coach.Ohhhhhh-kaaaaaaaaay. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Rich Eisen Alycia Lane Shocker Photo Page Six Suzy Shuster Discovered Lane Emails To Eisen

SHOCKER! RICH EISEN INTERESTED IN FEMALE (ANCHOR): Rich “for the love of god, just shave it already!” Eisen had his pants pulled down by PAGE SIX today.

Alycia Lane

The NYP tabloid reports Eisen’s wife Suzy Shuster discovered sexy pics and emails from a female (thank god) sports anchor in Philadelphia named Alycia Lane - sent to Lane’s favorite “Model Boxing” fan:

Rich Eisen

Looks like these two have been comparing notes:

Rich Eisen Tommy Lasorda