Newsmaker Erin Andrews Does Not Want Attention

In a pretty in-depth piece over at RANDBALL, Michael Rand explores the latest explosion & controversy regarding Erin Andrews‘ recent conversion from news reporter to actual news story herself, and gets a nice quote from Andrews herself in the process. In short: Erin Andrews doesn’t want your attention.

Erin Andrews big cutout

Rand begins with a brief summary of the outrage, starting with the recent print hit job by Mike Nadel for the GATEHOUSE NEWS SERVICE and the ensuing explosion on the blogosphere.

Andrews’ reaction to the Nadel piece, and our own exploration of the phenomenon, after the jump.

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Fans Who Ignore History Are Doomed To Repeat It

Dear fellow Cubs fans:

Below, we have provided a simple slide show taken from last night’s Dodgers-Cubs duel at Wrigley to explain a concept we felt had been covered sufficiently by others numerous times. However, recent evidence proves we must cover this topic again. Please pay attention. There will be a test afterwards. Honest to Caray, there will be a test.

Chicago Cubs fans

(This object lesson’s for you, Cubs fans.)

Let’s begin:
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Chicago Bears Returner Devin Hester Has A Pimp Ride

HESTER BURNS RUBBER LIKE HE BURNS KICKOFF COVERAGE: Devin Hester knows how to drive in style, as THE BIG LEAD plasters up a photo of the return specialist’s pimp ride:

Devin Hester car

Hester’s all-that auto follows in the tracks of other sporty vehicles, such as those of Alfonso Soriano, Darius Miles, and Reggie Bush.

Maybe Hester’s big wheels can help add some gas to the Bears’ sputtering 1-2 start.

David Ortiz Sells Car On Ebay Falls Short Of Other Athletes Tricked Out Cars

ORTIZ STRIKES OUT IN THE TRICKED-OUT CAR DEPARTMENT: WBZ-TV notes that pseudo-struggling Red Sox first baseman David Ortiz is “selling his 2005 Mercedes-Benz: SL-Class SL65 AMG to the highest bidder on eBay. Ortiz will deliver the car to the winner at Fenway Park.”

David Ortiz

The Ebay description notes that Ortiz bought it for himself after the 2004 World Series with a sticker price of $200,000. Ortiz then added $35K worth of accessories.

Sports Celeb Cars

The news is a real letdown for us, as we were holding out hope that Darius Miles and/or Alfonso Soriano and/or Darren McFadden would be the next sports celebs to sell off their sick sleds on the auction site.

Reggie Bush Styling Car Goes Well With His New Hood Ornament

BUSH’S STYLING CAR GOES WELL WITH ‘HOOD ORNAMENT‘: Now that we know what gets Alfonso Soriano and Darius Miles around, it’s time to check out Reggie Bush’s ride:

Mercedes CLS 15S

LALATE has the lowdown on the lowrider - a Mercedes CLS fitted with an ASMA-Design CLS Shark II body kit and Lowenhart wheels.

Of course, this doesn’t count the two Hummers Reggie gets to drive for the year as a gift for winning the Heisman.

Kim Kardashian

Make that *three* Hummers.

Brady Quinn Not Villain Darius Miles Wild Ride

• WINNING THE TURNOVER BATTLE questions if Brady Quinn is really the villain during his Browns holdout:

Brady Quinn Snidely Whiplash

• Should’ve worn protection: BREAK.COM has video of a streaker getting steamrolled by a fully-padded football player.

• Is it covered by his HMO? CLIPPER BLOG racks up the air miles as Elton Brand travels 3,000 miles for achilles tendon surgery.

• You think Alfonso Soriano has a bad-ass car? BLAZERS BLOG suggests you check out the ride Darius Miles pimped out:

Darius Miles Car

• RUMOR OFICIAL nibbles on news that David Beckham is a junk food junkie.

• THE STARTING FIVE gets out of the kitchen as Barry Bonds can’t stand the heat of breaking Hank Aaron’s record - for at least one day.

• THE SPORTS HERNIA goes off the rack in their review of sports caricature t-shirts:

Larry Bird t-shirt

• Speaking of rating the rags, CNBC’S Darren Rovell takes a look at the new line of Michael Vick dogfighting duds.

• Forget Nike & adidas, LADIES… learn that soccer club Chelsea will be outfitted by Armani.

• AOL FANHOUSE calms Kevin Garnett’s fears about the city of Boston, as KG’s pal Tyronn Lue tells him, “You don’t go out anyway….You could play in Alaska“:

Dogs play basketball in snow

• THE BEAUTIFUL GAME wonders if the penalty shootout is the right way to decide a soccer match.

• THE CRAZY PASTOR wonders if Michael Irvin believes all he said in his Football Hall of Fame speech.

Beckham in USA actually good idea

• DEADSPIN grand poobah Will Leitch opines in the NEW YORK TIMES that bringing Beckham to the States is a smarter ploy than most people think:

Beckham car

• THE ANGRY T has this inspiring story of a 4-year-old golf sensation who’s learned the links while battling cancer.

• AOL FANHOUSE figures that if there’s one team that would suffer sewage spilling into their locker room, it would appropriately be the Browns:

Browns locker room flooding

• LION IN OIL gets word that a judge may be ready to release names in the Jason Grimsley steroids affair.

• WITH LEATHER burns rubber in checking out Alfonso Soriano’s auto sensation:

Alfonso Soriano car

• PART MULE gives a red card to the soccer mom who attacked a 14-year-old girl referee.

• THE BIG LEAD rocks, chawks & Jayhawks at this stunning photo of the new face of Kansas football:

Kerry Meier Kansas QB

• FAN IQ is unimpressed with these most overrated players and coaches in college football.

• THE EXTRAPOLATER gets all tongue-tied in introducing Atlanta Braves slugger Jarrod Saltalamacchia:

Saltalamacchia Braves

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT grins and bears it with the new office sport of Faceball.