Week In Review: Danielle Lloyd Destroyed in Fight

• Hottie soccer WAG Danielle Lloyd gets bruised & bloodied in a bar fight.

Danielle Lloyd

(The delicious Danielle, back before her bar-brawling days)

• What a memorable Memorial Day: Jose Canseco gets mauled in his MMA debut, while Mr. T pities Cubs fans with his 7th inning song stylings.

• Meanwhile, Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett go for a dip at the MGM Grand’s Wet Republic - and Holly Madison is there, too!

Danica Patrick’s latest GoDaddy spot features the randy racer being pulled over by a policewoman-turned-stripper.

• Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima is pregnant. Great job, Marko Jaric!

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Gerrard Used to “Go Ugly” When Going After Gals

• Before coupling up with cutie Alex Curran, Liverpool soccer player Steve Gerrard used to pursue his gals by following the mantra of “Go Ugly“.

Alex Curran

(I don’t think Steve is “going ugly” anymore.)

• At least the Lakers are one step closer to holding up their end of the deal for a Kobe-LeBron finals.

• MLB All-Star Voting: It’s like “American Idol” without any Simon Cowell!

• San Diego State students show off what they’re made of when they let themselves unwind in with a late night Undie Run.

• Too bad they didn’t have this race when Reggie Grigsby Jr. was with the Aztecs - then maybe he wouldn’t have been shot by his policeman dad after attacking his mom.

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UK Soccer Star’s Tip On Getting Girls: “Go Ugly!”

Continuing on a thought from Cameron’s Speed Read this morning, Alex Gerrard (nee Curran) must wonder if the sacrifices she’s made to keep up her WAG-tastic profile (doing her own nails, less visits to the hair salon, and other drastic measures) are really worth it.

Steve Gerrard Alex Curran

(”A hot chick! Run away! Run away! Oh … sorry, dear!”)

For you see, her hubby, Liverpool soccer star Steve Gerrard, admits that when he was on the prowl for female companionship, he wasn’t always trying to cozy up to the most gorgeous girls. In fact, there was only one philosophy he followed when trying to bag some birds: Go Ugly!

(With more pics of the very un-ugly Alex after the jump.)

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