Cora To Jail, Gasol To L.A., Pats To Patent Office

SbB hopes everyone had a happy and healthy Groundhog Eve.

Alex Cora is heading to jail due to a DUI in 1999.

SbB Girls Alex & Cora

(SbB Girls Alex [L] & Cora [R])

Personally, we find our own Alex (&) Cora much more arresting.

Pau Gasol motors out of Memphis for La-La-Land.

Bill to have twice the fun with both Beli-Chicks attending the Super Bowl.

• The Patriots are going after the perfect trademark.

• But if the Giants somehow win on Sunday, shouldn’t the victory parade be in Jersey?

Michael Wilbon receives a special get-well message - from Jeff George.

Jeff George Michael Wilbon

Mike Piazza’s dad had to sadly sell off one of his family’s treasures - ownership in a strip club.

• It’s a relief to draw up Osi Umenyiora in Etch-A-Sketch form.

Tom Brady’s personal barber says he did him on Tuesday.

• ESPN anchor is sorry for saying “wife-beater” on-air. Chris Berman is enraged.

Alex Cora Jailed Thanks To ‘99 Florida DUI Charge

The PALM BEACH POST reports this week that Boston Red Sox infielder Alex Cora “was booked into the Martin County jail Wednesday on a charge of failure to appear in court for a probation violation connected to a 1999 DUI charge.

Alex Cora mugshot

Vero Beach police arrested Cora for DUI in 1999, “after they said he smelled of alcohol and failed field sobriety tests.” He “pleaded no contest to the charges and was sentenced to probation.”

But Cora then made a mistake that caused him to turn himself into Martin County authorities earlier this week. Read more…