Brett Favre “Pranks” Teammate With Dead Animal

It’s a well known fact that locker room pranks have a way of building camaraderie, bringing teammates closer together, and just loosening some of the tension associated with the trials and tribulations of your average sports season. Some pranks, however, are a bit more “intense” than others. Say, sticking a dead animal in your teammate’s locker.

Brett Favre

(Favre tries to keep himself from laughing)

The NEW YORK TIMES is reporting that newly-minted Jet Brett Favre made a special delivery inside of linebacker Eric Barton’s locker a few weeks ago. The item: An unknown dead animal that was encased in a bag “full of blood and guts”. Oh, Brett Favre. You’re incorrigible!

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Dolphins OL Smiley Sneers At Faneca’s $40M Deal

Alan Faneca hit the jackpot with the Jets earlier this week, when the offensive lineman signed a 5-year deal worth $40 million. Meanwhile, the dejected Dolphins fans hoping to land the former Steeler had to settle for ex-49er Justin Smiley, who signed with Miami for a similar 5-year deal, but only worth $25 million.

Justin Smiley Alan Faneca

Smiley appeared on 790 The Ticket’s Jorge Sedano Show on Friday, to plead his case to the doubting Dolphins fans about his ability. And what better way to build yourself up by tearing others down: Read more…