Al Stokke Asks Woman Do You Place A Pole Between Your Legs

AL STOKKE: “DO YOU PLACE A POLE BETWEEN YOU LEGS?” Conor Izzet of OC WEEKLY has this wonderfully ironic quote from Al Stokke, the dad of pole vaulter Allison Stokke: “Do you place a pole between your legs and go up and down?”

Allison Stokke

Izzet reports Lawyer Stokke “asked the above of a stripper named Lucy during the trial of Irvine police officer David Alex Park, who pulled her over in the early-morning hours, and, well, ejaculated on her.

Stokke also served as defense attorney in the infamous Haidl Three gang rape case, in which an unconscious 16-year-old girl was gang raped and prodded with foreign objects of varying size and shape. In that case, our R. Scott Moxley reported that Stokke argued, ‘There’s [no pain] that is felt because she was unconscious.’

A man who has repeatedly tried to shift the blame of sexual assault onto the victims has a daughter who is now being perved over by millions of guys on the Internet.

So here’s the last (hopefully) word on Al Stokke’s life’s work: Defending convicted gang rapists, convicted child rapists and getting a cop who *allegedly* ejaculated on a woman off (no pun), despite DNA evidence:

Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!

Great Job!™, Al!

Allison Stoke’s Dad Worried About Weirdos, But Defends Them As His Job

FATHER OF ALLISON STOKKE WORRIED ABOUT UNSAVORY CHARACTERS, EVEN THOUGH DEFENDING THEM IS HIS JOB: The family of Allison Stokke is a bit wary of the internet attention the high-school vaulter has been receiving lately:

Allison Stokke action shot

However, as WITH LEATHER points out, it’s hard to believe you want out of the spotlight when you appear on the front page of the Washington Post and on Fox News.

Washington Post front page

There are lots of unsavory characters out there, but dad Allan should know how to deal with them, since his job as a lawyer requires him to defend such folks.


In some of his legal actions, Al helped a cop get off who was accused of getting off on a motorist.And during the trial of a teacher accused of having sex with 3 of her students (one was only 11 at the time), he argued, “Where was she when *I* was 13?