Declawed: Millen Finally Removed From Lions’ Lair

Matt Millen is finally moved out of Motor City. Guess the Lions won’t be drafting any more wide receivers anytime soon.

Detroit Lions Fire Millen fan

Erik Johnson of the St. Louis Blues has his season end before it even begins, thanks to his faulty footwork while driving a golf cart.

• Want to know the secret of Terrell Owens’ success? Read the book - and buy his energy drink.

Plaxico Burress has done so much for the New York Giants, that he’s been given a two-week break - without pay.

• The Tampa Bay Rays can’t decide who’s worthy of tossing out their first-ever postseason pitch. Any ideas?

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Al Harris: Wanted Spleen Removed To Play Sunday

Jack Bechta of THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL POST follows up on the Al Harris spleen injury from last Sunday, reporting that Harris is now seeking additional opinions on his condition from various doctors:

Al Harris Spleen

Al may return this year and that this is not a life and death situation. No definitive return date has been set, but knowing Al like I do, he will heal fast and do everything in his power to get back on the field.

One thing doctors though did rule out was Harris’ own plan for his return.

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Kiffin Career KO’d?; What Can Brown Do For You?

Lane Kiffin better be updating his resume, although he’s still currently employed by the Raiders - as of this writing, anyway.

Lane Kiffin wipes face

Ronnie Brown runs roughshod and passes perfectly over the Patriots.

Brady Quinn may finally get his big break with the Browns next weekend.

Mike Golic’s son gets caught in Notre Dame underage beer bust.

• SbB writer Scott shares his own special memories of Yankee Stadium, such as taking a leak between Bobby Murcer and Ron Santo.

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Al Harris: Gone For Year With Ruptured Spleen?

Mike Lombardi of THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL POST is reporting that Al Harris of the Packers has been diagnosed as having a Chris Simms … er … ruptured spleen:

Al Harris Spleen

Al Harris may have a ruptured spleen, which would sideline him for the rest of the season, pending a second opinion.  Harris sustained the injury in last night’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys.  We will have more on this story as it develops

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