Tebow Torn On Returning To Terrorize SEC Teams

• Before he begins his senior season, should Tim Tebow follow God’s work in the Philippines, or stay a god in Gainesville?

Tim Tebow Hooters Girl Gainesville

• All 34 bowl games are now squared away. I was really worried about who would get invites to the PapaJohns.Com Bowl.

• One ESPN.com contestant’s Streak for the Cash reaches 25 games - and $1 million dollars!

• Blimey! Could we really see a U.S. pro team in London within 3 years?

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Virginia Coach’s Xmas Gift To His Son: A Pink Slip

If you think Christmas with your family is awkward, imagine what it’s going to be like at Virginia coach Al Groh’s house. After all, nothing says “Happy Holidays” quite like having to fire one of your sons. And that’s just what the DAILY PROGRESS says has happened: Groh has given his son, Cavalier offensive coordinator Mike, the axe along with two other assistants.

Al Groh and the Grinch

Talk about a Grinch. Receiving a pink slip for Christmas is hardly a Red Rider BB gun - in fact, I suspect Mike would have rather received a set of pink bunny pajamas than that.

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Duke Favored In ACC Game; World To End Soon

How bad have things gotten for Al Groh and the Viriginia Cavs? First, they lose by 45 points at home to USC. Then, they lose their quarterback for the season because of a probation violation. Now, they’re 6 1/2-point underdogs to friggin’ Duke.

Al Groh

Yes, Duke. The school that has lost 25 consecutive ACC games, is 3-61 in conference play this decade, and recently argued in a court of law that they are in fact the worst program in all of major college football. The Blue Devils haven’t made a bowl game since 1994, but are off to a 2-1 start this season after wins over James Madison and Navy and a narrow loss to Northwestern. This is reportedly the first time they’ve been favored in an ACC game since 2002.

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