Miami Was ‘Turned Off By Dan Mullen’s Big Ego’

Barry Jackson of the MIAMI HERALD has what seems like a frantic and misguided attempt at damage control by Univ. of Miami officials after the school went from the prospect of hiring Jon Gruden to settling for the former coach of Temple, Al Golden.

Dan Mullen Billboard

(New MSU billboard at Louisiana/Mississippi border via I-55)


A high-level trustee fully aware of how the search was done said, “We were not going to get a star, and it wasn’t a money thing. Why would [marquee coaches] leave any of their great programs” to take another college job? “Florida didn’t get one either. We hired the best person that wasn’t in the top 20.”

UM thought Nebraska’s Bo Pelini had some interest, but he changed his mind. And UM was turned off by Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen’s big ego, with one trustee saying he acts like he invented the game.

Exhale Alabama fans, UM won’t be coming after your coach anytime soon.

While I think Golden was a reasonable hire by Miami, to think that UM would be “turned off” by a coach’s ego when its trying to resurrect a program from the dead tells you all you need to know about the people in charge in Coral Gables.

In other words, if I’m Golden, I’m renting.

And to justify the UM hire by claiming that Florida also didn’t land a”marquee” name is, well, embarrassing.

The reason UF AD Jeremy Foley hired Will Muschamp isn’t because Florida had no shot at bigger names. Muschamp got the gig because Foley clearly didn’t want a marquee coach.

Foley’s method in his last three hires has been to tab relative unknowns so he has more control over the coach and if things pan out, more personal credit for elevating the program.

That worked with Urban Meyer and failed with Ron Zook.

The only thing we know about Muschamp at this moment is that if he does well, Foley will once again be lauded as a master administrator. (That isn’t to say I agree with Foley’s approach.)

The Florida job is light years better than the Miami job, which you could make a case isn’t much different than where Al Golden just came from - save the rich recruiting territory and now-faded program prestige.

Meanwhile, wondering how Mississippi State feels about Dan Mullen right about now?

Dan Mullen Billboard

I’ve been told the school has plans for seven more billboards like the one above across the state. This one just went up two days ago.

So what about Ole Miss?

Pete Boone Ole Miss Athletic Director Tweets About Yoko Ono

Best I can tell, the extent of its marketing efforts involves athletic director Pete Boone Tweeting about Yoko Ono.

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Temple Coach Turns Down UCLA Football Opening

How sad is your search for a college football coach when the guy from Temple turns you down?

Temple football player

The LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS reports that Owls coach Al Golden has removed his name from the job opening at UCLA. It appears that Al doesn’t want to give up the Golden opportunity of turning around one of the worst teams in college football. With a 5-19 record in two seasons, he still has a ways to go.

Meanwhile, Bruins defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker interviewed with Westwood brass Wednesday morning, hoping his interim job as UCLA coach could become a full-time one. But Walker will need some better resume material than that 17-16 loss to BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl.

Rick Neuheisel UCLA coach

The other well-known applicant, Baltimore Ravens OC Rick Neuheisel, is staying mum at the moment. But when the SEATTLE TIMES talked to the former Bruin QB about the Las Vegas loss, he replied, “I was disappointed we didn’t pull it out.”

‘We’? Hmmm….a tell-tale sign about coming back to the alma mater?

As for UCLA, it’s one thing to emulate long-time football powers like Michigan and Arkansas, but to copy their crappy coaching confusion?