Detroit NFL Team Hates Fans & We’re Not Lion

What keeps the Virgin Islands such a Caribbean paradise? Anti-personnel wire!

• This ticket tale pretty much sums up the Detroit Lions organization.

Detroit Lions Fire Millen fan

Tim Duncan welcomes you to St. Croix! And don’t forget to drive on the left!

• Some NBA’ers buy their moms homes & cars - Dwyane Wade bought his mom a church.

Jason Taylor wants to be remembered more for his work on the grand stage than the gridiron.

Glenn Dorsey is the Imelda Marcos of the Bayou.

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Cap Caused Foyt Crash; Danica’s Dent Sent Home

A.J. Foyt IV was scorching at Speedway on Sunday, as the ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that the Indianapolis 500 hopeful was on fire - literally.

AJ Foyt IV car on fire

Just after barely securing a qualifying spot for next weekend’s Indy 500, Foyt was making a practice run ’round the oval, when flames shot out from the back of his vehicle, causing him to hit the wall.

It’s likely that Foyt was fuming a bit when he found out what fanned the flameout (with video of the crash after the jump). Read more…