Steve McNair Mentioned In Same-Sex Rape Case Involving Strippers

QB McNAIR MENTIONED IN STRIPPER SAME-SEX RAPE CASE: Just when he was trying to relax with a season-ending injury, Steve McNair’s name has been tossed around in a stripper’s rape case:

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The CINCINNATI ENQUIRER has the risque news of the Ravens QB being mentioned in allegations of same-sex assault on a dancer known as Summer.The stripper testified that last December, she was raped by another female dancer at the home of pro wrestler-turned- gentleman’s club entrepeneur Sean Casey. The accused dancer says the sex was consensual.

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McNair is not alleged to have been involved in the assault, but his name kept popping up during the dancer’s testimony. Summer had said she was flirting with Steve around the time of the assault. The QB was in town during the Ravens’ visit to the Bengals last season.A third stirpper claims she saw Summer and Steve having sex in an Cincinnati airport bathroom. She recalled being on the limo ride over, and that Summer “was all over him,” yet McNair “kept telling her he was married.”

Summer denies the toilet tryst, saying “I have never been in a bathroom with Steve McNair. I talked to him. He’s a pretty cool guy. Go Ravens!


Yeah, it’s not like he’s an Idaho senator or anything.McNair’s agent also denies any hanky-panky went on in the ride or in the stall, suggesting, “it easily could have been mistaken identity.”

And a Ravens spokesman reiterated that McNair wouldn’t have been given much of a chance to get frisky with the local gals: “Our schedule is very filled when we’re on the road. It’s a business trip for us. We don’t give players much free time.”

With McNair being out for the season with a dislocated shoulder, he should have plenty of free time now. He just better watch what he grabs.