Air Jordans Now Run You As Much As An iPhone

You might be struggling to pay your bills these days, but if you’re an enthusiast Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan sneakers you’ll soon be paying more for your kicks. When the new Air Jordan 2009 hits shelves, its retail price will be an astounding $190, up $15 from the most recent model.

New Air Jordans

Of course, His Airness thinks you should just be accepting the price hike as part of having an elite product. As he told CNBC’s Darren Rovell, “you don’t buy a Ferrari and expect to get a Volkswagen price.” Actually, Mike, most people would be happy with a Yugo these days. Does Starbury still make those cheap shoes?

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Air Jordan Line Swings, Whiffs with Latest Idea

Michael Jordan has plenty of money to make back after his (alleged) $168m divorce settlement in 2007. That may explain why he is commemorating the least successful parts of his career to rebuild the coffers. That’s right; it’s the Air Jordan Retro 1 Opening Day Pack, marking his illustrious Birmingham Barons career!

Air Jordan Birmingham Barons

(Warning: Shoe will not help you with breaking pitches)

The dapper home and away models will retail for $105 each on March 29th, the same date as the Civil Rights Game between the White Sox and the Mets. A T-shirt with his baseball number will also drop on the same date. No explanation has been provided why there is no alternate home shoe, green shoe, or camouflage shoe yet.

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