Lou Holtz Has Some Advice For Michael Crabtree

The scene: Lou Holtz’s office. Michael Crabtree knocks, and opens the door. LOU: “Ah, the pizza is here. Finally.” MICHAEL: “No, it’s me, Mr. Holtz. Michael Crabtree.” LOU: “You were wise to come to me, son. Please, sit down.” (There are no chairs in the office; only a tackling sled and a bowl of walnuts). LOU (still wearing bib from lunch): “Now what seems to be the problem, Matthew?”

Lou Holtz

The problem of course, is that the 49ers are 1-0, and Crabtree is still as far from being a 49er this season as Jerry Rice. In fact, as the ex-Texas Tech receiver’s holdout enters Week 71 (actual facts may vary), there’s talk of him sitting out two seasons before reentering the draft (which he’d have to do before being eligible for free agency).

Our favorite neighborhood coaching TV pundit thinks that’s crazy talk, of course. See the video below, in which Holtz addresses the whole mess in response to a question by Crabtree himself. Read more…

Luol Deng’s Former Agent Is Not The Nicest Guy

When Rip Hamilton ascended to the NBA, he brought his friend and student-manager Josh Nochimson with him. With Hamilton’s support, Nochimson gained his agent certification, picked up Luol Deng as a client, and managed Hamilton’s finances.

Rip Hamilton's Lament
(Rip Hamilton, deep in lament.)

According to YAHOO! SPORTS, in retrospect, that was a rather huge mistake.

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LeBron Adds 59-Year-Old Footballer to Rep Group

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports LeBron James has found some new blood to represent - a 59-year-old college football player:

LeBron James Mike Flynt kids

The Cavs star’s management firm, LRMR, has signed Mike Flynt to their group, hoping to grab some goods & services for their gridiron grandpa.

Flynt made news this season by completing his collegiate career at Sul Ross State University - 36 years after leaving campus. Learning he had one year of eligibility left, Flynt stepped back on the field for the first time since 1971. And it wasn’t as a reserve kicker - Flynt filled his role at linebacker.

Mike Flynt old football player

LeBron was impressed enough with Flynt’s story to bring him on board his team: “He didn’t allow anyone to take away the dream he had, no matter how old he was or what he went through….that’s a great story. He never gave up on his dream.”

The agency has plans to turn Flynt’s daring into dollar signs, from selling fitness products to signing movie & TV deals.

And Flynt seems ready for a new challenge: “I’m so excited about being involved with these young guys. It’s like being with the teammates I just left.”