Teacher Sleeps with High School Baseball Team?

All teachers know that time and task management are the most difficult subjects to convey to high schoolers. Keeping track of every deadline and deliverable can stagger the best students and crush a disorganized one.

We can only imagine that was the object lesson an Alabama middle school teacher meant to teach when she worked her way down the area high school’s baseball team roster, allegedly having sex with eight of the students before being caught when one of the underage ballplayers told his parents. Always make a list, kids!

Clay-Chalkville High School marching band

Trussville, AL, police stated that Julie Pritchett, a middle school teacher in town, signed up to sponsor the Diamond Dolls, high school girls who handled much of the side business for each game (tickets, concessions, ball girls, scorekeepers, etc.). Through that position, Mrs. Pritchett allegedly seduced much of the team on and off campus.
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