Michael Vick Allowed To Resume His NFL Career

T.O.’s Twitter-based lobbying must have worked, as Michael Vick has been reinstated into the NFL - if any team wants him.

Michael Vick dog

O.J. Simpson is having a swell time in prison - except that he thinks his cellmate is ready to kill him.

• While the real Canadian Open gets washed out, Canadian soldiers hold their own golf tournament in sunny Afghanistan.

Hank Aaron wants steroid “cheaters” out of the Hall of Fame, but wants Pete Rose in.

Michael Strahan’s new Fox sitcom looks terrific - terrifically bad.

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Welcome To The Canadian Open… In Afghanistan

The “real” Canadian Open, home of the wildest hole-in-one you’ve ever seen, is being delayed by stormy weather. That information comes to us from correspondent Win McMurry (below left), and uh, FTW, indeed.

Win McMurry Afghanistan golf

(”Damn it, in the sand again. Okay, hand me my automatic assault rifle wedge.”)

No such bad luck in Afghanistan, though, where the current dry streak has hit… hang on, checking the ol’ calculator… ah yes, infinity weeks. There, Canadian soldiers have faithfully reconstructed a scale model of the course and are playing their own version of the Open. Don’t worry, it’s for charity.

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Tiger Woods Designing Golf Course In The Middle East

TIGER PAR FOR COURSE W/GOLF DESIGNS IN PERSIAN GULF: Tiger Woods is putting his mark on golfing in Dubai, as he helps create a new course in the Middle Eastern nation:

Tiger Woods desert

YAHOO SPORTS slices in with news that Woods has finished the designs for his first three holes for the proposed Al Ruwaya course. He’s all ready to get the clubs swinging for holes #12, #17 and #18.We would have started with holes 1, 2 & 3, but when you’re Tiger Woods, you can plan out courses in any order you darn well please.

In addition to the desert range, Woods is also working on a 50,000 square-foot mansion, as a little place to call his own when he’s in town - and to hide out from relatives.

The abode will be part of a 287-house development next to the course, with homes as big as 100,000 square feet and prices as high as $23 million.

Afghanistan golf course

When he’s done in Dubai, maybe Tiger could leap a few countries over and help Afghanistan’s only course get out of the rough.

Afghanistan Golf Course Trying To Stay In Business

AFGHAN GOLF COURSE NOTHING BUT SAND & BOOBY TRAPS: Carl Spackler may have had to deal with gophers, but he didn’t have to worry about Taliban fighters playing through:

Carl Caddyshack Taliban

The NEW YORK TIMES reports on a real Cinderella story, the tale of Mohammad Afzal Abdul and his desire to keep the game of golf alive and well in war-torn Afghanistan.There are holes and fairways, but no trees or water hazards to hit into. There’s no lush grass to mow or trim, so the greens are made of sand and oil mixed together and flattened by a heavy roller - and officially called ‘browns’.

Afghan golf course browns

The 48-year-old Abdul has had a life-long obsession with golf, first picking up the putter at age 10. He opened the Kabul Golf Club in 2004, the only course in the country, on a site that last hosted a foursome in 1978.At first, the course saw heavy business, mostly from international aid workers, who were brought in to help rebuild the nation devastated by Soviet occupation and hard-line Taliban rule.

Now, Abdul is lucky to get a dozen players in a week, as many foreign workers have left Kabul, and Afghanistan’s economy begins faltering again - not to mention a resurgence of Taliban fighting. He admits “it’s a little sad” about the dramatic downturn of visitors to his course.

Afghanistan golf course

But Abdul’s not one to give up his golfing dreams in a nightmarish land so easily. “I won’t close it. I’ll be patient. People need to play golf.”