Martin Brodeur: 100 Career Shutouts, No Respect

Devils goalie Martin Brodeur reached an astounding milestone on Sunday, reaching his 100th shutout in a 3-0 New Jersey win over Philadelphia. To put that in perspective, only one other goalie has logged 100 shutouts in his career, and Terry Sawchuck is living a happy retired existence in hockey’s hall of fame.

martin brodeur

(He’s Tiger Woods, and people are treating him like Stewart Cink.)

Yet those milestones don’t seem to be setting off alarm bells around sports, with the media treating 100 shutouts like 100 wins in baseball. Or 100 homers. Sure, it’s a milestone, but no one really seems to realize how big it is.

Let’s make it clear: This is a huge deal, the kind we may see only once or twice more for the rest of our life … if we’re lucky. We’re watching the Tiger Woods of hockey, yet no one seems to realize or celebrate just how great he is. If you’re looking for a reason why, it might just be because of his tabloid affair with his sister-in-law.

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Claim: D-Wade Staged ‘Sex Parties’, Smoked Weed

Dwyane Wade, who has experienced his share of personal public relations disasters of late, had another bomb dropped on him this week by the PALM BEACH POST.

Dwyane Wade with mom Jolinda

(Oh, how the mighty Father of the Year has fallen.)

In a story published on the PBP’s gossip site PAGE 2 LIVE, Jose Lambiet reports that a former business partner of Wade is accusing the married NBAer of hosting wild “sex parties”, smoking marijuana and botching numerous business deals.

Richard Von Houtman claims he provided a condo to Wade that the Miami Heat star soon turned into a personal party bungalow. Wade and his friends held numerous gatherings there, which featured sex with random women and marijuana use. Van Houtman said he twice saw Wade smoking a joint in the house but wasn’t in attendance for the orgies that Wade allegedly helped arrange.

“They (Wade and childhood friend Marcus Andrews) both made it clear to me how their goal in life is to have sex with as many women as possible,” Von Houtman said.

Ugly allegations for a guy who is currently damage-controlling a divorce settlement.

So if Wade is such a bad guy, why did Van Houtman develop a close relationship with him?

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Andy Pettitte Got His Dad To Pick Up His HGH?

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS is touting an exclusive that Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte got his shipments of human growth hormone from his father Tom.

Andy Pettitte pitching

The statement made its way to the paper and was then given to the House committee grilling both Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee this morning.

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Pettitte Affidavit Says Clemens Claimed HGH Use

Roger Clemens told Andy Pettitte he took HGH - that’s according to a sworn affidavit acquired by the ASSOCIATED PRESS on Tuesday.

Roger Clemens Andy Pettitte

Details of Pettitte’s affidavit came out a day before Clemens was to testify in front of Congress about his alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs. Pettitte gave the affidavit so he wouldn’t have to appear in person at Wednesday’s hearings. Read more…