Texas Tech Won’t Pay Leach’s $1.7M 2009 Salary

Dwain Price of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS reports that Texas Tech has not paid Mike Leach $1.7 million he is owed for “work he performed for the school during the 2009 season.

Mike Leach Adam James


Like most football factories, Texas Tech compensated Leach with a small base salary supplemented by “outside income” sources. Those sources include radio and TV appearances and an apparel endorsement - a controlled by Tech officials.

According to Leach’s contract, Tech is supposed to pay him $1.6 million in guaranteed outside athletics-related personal income. He also was slated to collect an additional $25,000 because Tech played in a bowl, $25,000 because the Raiders finished the season ranked No. 21 in the final Associated Press poll, $25,000 because Tech won five Big 12 games, and $25,000 because its football program’s graduation rate was above 65 percent. 

When contacted by Price, Tech Athletic Director Gerald Myers confirmed that Leach hadn’t been paid most of his 2009 salary. Read more…

UW’s Willingham On Hot Seat, Named AFCA Prez

The website COACHES HOT SEAT came out with their final 2007 rankings. And the guy with the toastiest buns was Washington’s Tyrone Willingham:

Tyrone Willingham point

Another disappointing season in Seattle - and a 11-25 record in 3 years - has Ty taking top honors. And Husky fans aren’t too comfortable being #1 in that category. One benevolent booster even promised to give his alma mater $100,000 - on the condition they bid Tyrone toodle-oo.

The BELLINGHAM HERALD reports that multi-millionaire Ed Hansen also placed a $100,000 bounty of athletic director Todd Turner’s head. He further pledges, “I do not intend to contribute any further funds to the athletic department as long as these two gentlemen are employed by the University.”

Seems that someone’s been taking notes from Ken Kendrick. So, it would seem a bit strange that a coach supposedly in such hot water would be given some kind of job security.

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