Aeneas Williams: From Pro Bowl To Rookie Pastor

In his heyday, Rams safety Aeneas Williams was a feared enforcer in the defensive backfield for the Rams and Cardinals, earning his way to eight different Pro Bowls and developing a reputation as the perennial leader of his team’s defense. He was almost a poor man’s past-centric Brian Dawkins at his best, and when Williams walked away from the game in 2005, there was reason to believe he may have had a couple more good seasons left in his tank, even though he was already 37.

aeneas williams in a church
(Aeneas Williams has gone from delivering big hits to biblical sermons.)

Well, now we know why he was ready to leave: Williams was about to embark on a second career as an evangelical pastor. Just three years removed from retirement, Williams has a flourishing congregation in suburban St. Louis, his Spirit of the Lord Family Church worshipping in the ballroom of a Crowne Plaza Hotel in Clayton, Mo., according to the ASSOCIATED PRESS, though a permanent home for the church is expected in the future.

In the meantime, Williams is gaining a loyal following of Christians who have taken to his message of experiential faith, trying to help his parishioners find God in their everyday lives. Not surprisingly, Williams has a knack of leaning on his own life in football to express how he developed his own spiritual connection with God.

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