Cubbie Fans, This Budweiser Lawsuit Is For You!

For years the building at 3701 North Kenmore in Chicago has been known around the country, and even the world. Now, nobody famous was born there, or died there, or as far as I know did anything of consequence there. No, the reason the building is famous is because of what’s painted on top of it. It’s the Budweiser Building that has long been visible to anybody attending a Cubs game or watching at home on television.

Well, it’s status as the Budweiser Building may soon be changing according to the man who owns the building. Tom Gramatis bought the building back in June for $8.35 million, and it’s worth it, given the amount of money he can bring in through advertising on it’s rooftop. Of course, it would help out a lot if the boys at Anheuser-Busch could pay their bills on time.

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Cubs To Start A Brand Effen New Ad Campaign

The Chicago Cubs have lost their last four games, and since it’s September and they are the Chicago Cubs, panic is beginning to hit the streets of Chicago. There must be something the team can do to break this 100-year old curse….

Yep, the Chicago Cubs and the distributors of the Dutch made vodka Effen have teamed up to help relieve the pressure currently mounting on the team. A billboard just like the one you see above you will be placed across the street from Wrigley Field starting this Thursday.

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ESPN SportsCenter No Longer Good Place To Spend Advertising Dollars

ESPN BECOMING THE “ROCKIN’ OLDIES!” OF SPORTS MEDIA: ADVERTISING AGE’s Larry Dobrow writes this week about ESPN’s aging, meandering “SportsCenter” flagship. In a calm, well-reasoned deconstruction, Dobrow notes that because the sports fan’s once-goto show “no longer bothers to show me the day’s top plays” and even fails to report “who won and who lost, and how“, advertising dollars spent on Sportscenter are dubious at best.

Everyone outside 60-year-old female TV ad buyers esconced in shiny, glass buildings somewhere in San Francisco knows that if you want a score, you check the internet or your cell phone. And if you want highlights, pertinent statistics and analysis, you go to ESPN News.Thanks to ever-advancing technology, ESPN is now clearly losing the younger demographic. The net’s lineup of tired, one-trick ponies doing the SAME schtick every year (Vitale, Corso, Berman, etc.) is causing the WWL to loser younger viewers in droves. Nothing emanating from Bristol is fresh and funny anymore.

ESPN reminds us of the music once heard on your favorite rock n’ roll station, which suddenly ends up on your cheesy, hometown “rockin’ oldies!” radio station. That’s the station you take off your preset and scan over to about once a month (when no one is in the car).

ESPN SportsCenter

ESPN has always prided itself on innovation, and it did reinvent the sports media business, but Bristol has been bloodied by the advent of the internet - which hath wrought *gasp* the savvy sports media purveyor. It’s time for the network to hire some people who actually understand what the young viewer and internet user want, and implement radical changes. And even then, the battle for the next generation of sports media consumer may already be lost.