Baseball Teams Still Printing Money, Acting Poor

The best day of the Major League Baseball season has finally arrived. No more ripping out sheets from the day planner; no more taking chocolates in the shape of 70s relief pitchers from the Advent calendar. Hooray for FORBES Baseball Team Valuations Day! Now you can see how your team is doing in the most important standings of all: making billionaires richer!

Bud Selig

(As Commissioner, I demand you stop telling them the owners are making money!)

The rankings provide few surprises (Dallas’ team is 16th? Detroit is 17th? Does Philadelphia know it has nearly six million people in the metro area?) and a few bitter disappointments (Miami has over five million people in its metro area and a Latin-heavy population that loves baseball but Loria will happily live off the revenue sharing money? Afraid of success much?).

However, our favorite part of the list every year continues to be putting the lie to the owners: every single one of them made a profit last year.

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