America’s New Sensation: Cardboard Tube Fights

Kids today increasingly participate in sports. They learn how to succeed in sports. They sign up for leagues in sports. They join traveling teams in sports. However, they have slowly stopped playing sports. Sports should fall under the “play” side of the ledger, not the “work” side.

For us nominal adults, the “play” side of the ledger lies fallow for far too long and is treated with disdain. Adults don’t play. They work. They find leisure, perhaps, but only to clear the accounts for more work. They don’t play.

Except some do. We now gleefully present adults at play. Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

Cardboard tube fighters

These fantastically ridiculous humans are participating in Cardboard Tube Fighting. (We’re not sure if it’s actually ‘dueling’ if the last scenes of Braveheart break out during the middle of them.) Another event will be held in Washington, D.C., on the 26th. Wear business suits and your own cardboard armor. (We’re guessing rain will cancel the event.)

There’s rules (not in the face!) and such, but they’re besides the point.  Like when kids invent rules for their own games, they’re only there to get the thing started.

We recommend you make time to attend, dressed as one of the inspirations of the cardboard tube warrior:
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