Crazypants Football Game Harasser Gets Popped

A quick rule of thumb for those of us in the early stages of relationships: if you’ve been told by police not to contact that person anymore, things have gone horribly wrong and you are not in that relationship anymore. It seems blatantly obvious to you or us, but if everybody knew that we wouldn’t have situations like this.

Brittney Mears Mugshot

That’s the mugshot of Brittney Mears, a 22-year-old resident of Iowa City. She went to last week’s Iowa Hawkeyes game at Kinnick Stadium, where Iowa faced lowly Arkansas State. As most fans with a mean streak do, she picked out a player to harass for the duration of the game, and sure enough, she got in his head and distracted him. Tiny problem: she did it to a Hawkeye, and she’d already been told to leave him alone. That’s a paddlin’.

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Iowa DE Clayborn Punched Cabbie In Road Rage

It’s worth noting that Iowa defensive end Adrian Clayborn, a starter in 2008, committed this crime back in January, but after a couple of months of investigation, police determined that the defensive end’s brutal attack on a cab driver at 2 a.m. was worthy of criminal prosecution. As such, he’s now facing charges of assault and, to his credit, he turned himself in … then pleaded not guilty despite a heck of a lot of evidence (eyewitnesses maybe) stacked against him.

ardian clayborn iowa

(It’s a lot scarier when you realize that he has a history of punching people in the face at close range.)

The story, which we found over at BLACK HEART GOLD PANTS, with a later plea update from, goes something like this: Clayborn was driving home from some Iowa City hotspot (oxymoron? It might be) on Jan. 20 - or 18th, if you take ESPN’s word for it (we’re sticking with BLACK HEART) - when he got caught in a nasty traffic jam. After reaching an outright boiling point, Clayborn attacked a cab driver by punching him through the open driver’s side window, causing facial injuries and utter shock at the fact that he punched a cabbie through a window.

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